The Chase tops entertainment, MasterChef scores for 10, Nine wins Tuesday.

The Chase and Home & Away lead in entertainment. Ashes on 9GEM help Nine to another mid-week win.

Seven had the two top entertainment shows on a relatively quiet Tuesday with The Chase (598,000 / 381,000) then Home & Away at 501,000.

MasterChef Australia won its slot and led in entertainment demos at 448,000 metro viewers then 7:30 (429,000), Parental Guidance (411,000), The ABC Of (348,000), Million Dollar Island (270,000) and the season final of Who Do You Think You Are? (206,000).

Later The Cheap Seats was 351,000 then Flyways: The Story Of Migratory Shorebirds (193,000), The Rookie (172,000) and Insight (114,000).

Mid Year Ashes Series drew up to 302,000 (for Lunch!) giving 9GEM a 12.4% share overall.

Nine network easily won Tuesday with 34.8% then Seven 24.9%, 10 17.0%, ABC 14.8% and SBS 8.5%.

Nine News (795,000 / 761,000) was best for Nine. A Current Affair led with 598,000 then Hot Seat (406,000 / 255,000). Nine later ran a split schedule with Westgate Bridge Disasters: The Untold Stories (101,000) and Wally Lewis: The King (93,000) and in select cities.

Seven News was #1 at 962,000 / 923,000. The Rookie: Feds was 126,000.

The Project pulled 259,000 / 203,000. 10 News First managed 217,000 / 162,000. NCIS was 106,000.

ABC News was 567,000 The Drum (155,000) and Joanna Lumley And The Human Swan (112,000) followed.

On SBS it was SBS World News (149,000 / 93,000) and Dateline (66,000).

Sunrise: 223,000
Today: 194,000
News Breakfast: 88,000 / 41,000

In Total TV numbers last Tuesday were:

The Rookie: 434,000
Parental Guidance:  768,000
Million Dollar Island:  533,000
MasterChef Australia:  828,000
Who Do You Think You Are?: 383,000
Home & Away:  963,000
The Cheap Seats:  594,000

OzTAM Overnights: Tuesday 20 June 2023

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  1. Do people realise that Hot seat airs at 4pm in Adelaide and 3pm in Perth so you can’t do a like for like comparison with The Chase Australia’s ratings?

    1. Yeh pretty sure Nine only care for S/M/B anyway – but the regular wins aren’t there much. Still a better show than Tipping Point – need a brand new format rather than stale old gameshows.

  2. Million Dollar Island seems to have found it’s level. A flop, but a stable flop where those who stuck around for episode 2 seem to be sticking with it.

  3. Those ratings are concerning for Hot Seat…. It has unfortunately hit its natural end like Deal or No Deal did. Probably time to wind it up.

  4. I just don’t see myself watching any new reality show on FTA ever again… it might be an outlandish comment, but I mean it. I literally just don’t have the time for their stripped nonsense anymore. Give me a once a week, tightly produced and edited reality show and I’ll give it a go for sure, but I can’t give up 5+ hours of my tv watching time weekly… The only one I make time for now is Aus Survivor (the Amazing Race has gone all crazy with casting “celebrities” so I’m out) and that’s only because I have a long history with that franchise, even I groan at that being stripped.

  5. I don’t usually take note of the 5:30 lead in, but it seems the lower numbers for Hot Seat are impacting the news. I wonder if the Tipping Point 9(ex-pats version) will fill in this spot as a test run?

  6. Its a shame the weather knocked out first session of Ashes last night.
    Would be great if 9 could provide highlight package of last day historic Aust. win prior to Origin on Gem tonight

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