Travel Guides wins for Nine, Utopia lifts in Total TV.

Nine won Wednesday thanks to Travel Guides and ACA. Million Dollar Island stalls for Seven.

Nine had a winning night with Travel Guides and A Current Affair both winning timeslots, while Utopia has enjoyed a huge lift in Total TV for last week.

Travel Guides visiting Melbourne & Phillip Island topped entertainment at 632,000 metro viewers.

That was ahead of Utopia (597,000), 7:30 (493,000), MasterChef Australia (415,000) and Million Dollar Island at 273,000 -exactly the same number as the preceding night.

The Weekly with Charlie Pickering finished a winning season at 418,000 then The Front Bar (269,000), North Shore (210,000) and In Limbo (167,000).

Nine network won Wednesday with 28.5% then Seven 27.4%, ABC 18.6%, 10 17.6% and SBS 8.0%.

Nine News (834,000 / 787,000) was best for Nine with A Current Affair winning at 649,000 then Hot Seat (405,000 / 243,000). Footy Classifed was 147,000 across the network with movie: Vacation at 128,000.

Seven News was #1 at 901,000 / 900,000 for Nine. The Chase led with 545,000 / 319,000 then Home & Away (497,000). The Latest was 143,000.

ABC News drew 532,000. QI (158,000) and The Drum (147,000) followed.

The Project pulled 313,000 / 214,000 10 News First was 216,000 / 170,000. So Help Me Todd debuted at 109,000.

On SBS it was SBS World News (149,000 / 113,000), The Mayfair Hotel Megabuild (74,000), History of the Sitcom (56,000), Blue Lights (45,000) and Mastermind (36,000).

Ginger & the Vegesaurs led multichannels at 118,000.

Sunrise: 217,000
Today: 181,000
News Breakfast: 94,000 / 52,000

In Total TV numbers last Wednesday were:

Utopia: 1.322m
North Shore: 384,000
In Limbo: 345,000
Travel Guides: 1.24m
MasterChef Australia: 742,000
Home & Away: 1.03m
The Weekly with Charlie Pickering: 715,000

OzTAM Overnights: Wednesday 14 June 2023

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  1. Hi David
    I have noticed watching MDI that one of the guys on the show is the snake catcher on Aussie Snake Wranglers with the mullet
    I do like to support Aussie shows

  2. 70,000 in Sydney and 69,000 in Melbourne for Million Dollar Island. That is barely a suburb’s worth of people in each city.

    Best wishes to Seven but I think this says a lot about both the concept of the show and the general diminishing of free to air audiences.

      1. Why won’t someone do an in-depth interview with John Michael Howson about the making of The Magic Circle Club and Adventure Island before it is too late?

        (He wrote and co-starred in every episode!)

        If you’re reading this John, where is your autobiography????

  3. I don’t hate MDI as much as I’ve as expecting … which is a low bar (Survivor is the infinitely better game)

    However, I wonder if Ant was the best host they could have gotten. Australia is use to him being the shouty man on the army show and I don’t think he fits in the role as island elimination game host.

    Jeff, Johnathan and Nico (US, Aus and Sth African Survivor hosts) are the gold standard for the genre, and Ant is miles from the podium.

  4. Is Million $ Island on life support yet? Surely another week of these numbers will send it in the land of 7Flix, just like its predecessor, the Balloon show…

    1. They’ve invested too much and have nothing in the tank atm. It has to stay. Although it may see a pick up as the end nears.

      DWTS starts this weekend too which may provide a lifeline. If that stalls, they’re in trouble.

  5. Stunning result for Utopia and the ABC- 1.3 million for local comedy is amazing. Figures the commercial networks would kill for.

    Shirvo looks to have seamlessly transitioned into the role of Sunrise host. Sunrise still slaughtering Today. Karl being away wouldn’t have helped Nine.

    1. I reckon one of the key reasons nine overspent on the Olympics was to breathe life in to Today. Almost certainly Sunrise viewers will tune in during this period and it is up to nine to keep them post Olympics.

  6. The only hope for Million Dollar Island is the Ashes cricket beginning on Nine from this Friday, Seven would hope viewers not interested in Australia vs the Poms in cricket might instead watch their new reality franchise.
    “In Limbo” probably deserves a bigger audience than it’s getting for the ABC.

      1. Agreed. Whether it is 25 nights of prime time or more likely 18-20 nights, combined with SOO and Wimbledon, nine will own this middle part of the year period.

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