Warne family offered screening of Nine minseries

Updated: Some members of the Warne family watched a private screening while others declined.

Some members of the family of Shane Warne did not take up an offer to view Nine’s upcoming miniseries, Warnie, which premieres this Sunday.

But Nine has confirmed some members did view the drama.

Nine endeavoured to appease the family after unwelcome headlines last year around their plans to dramatise parts of the famed cricketer’s life, brokered by family friend Eddie McGuire.

Nine has always maintained their story would span a man who was flawed, but a genius, a rogue and a rascal and manager James Erskine has indicated being kept in the loop across production.

Simone Callahan has since told the Herald Sun the project is “a bit unkind and mean spirited” ….presumably based on plenty of information but it isn’t clear if this included a final viewing.

“He just passed last year and they’re already creating some show or whatever drama, miniseries, you want to call it,’’ she said.

“No compassion, really unkind. They’re (the children) still grieving, they lost their dad, unfortunately with the way mainstream media are it’s all about the dollars to be made, it’s a business for them, but it’s very personal for us.”

If ‘all publicity is good publicity’ then Nine will be hoping viewers check out the drama for themselves this Sunday at 7pm (Rated PG)  then 7:30pm Monday (Rated M).

Source: SMH, Herald Sun

Updated: Nine has since confirmed some members of the family declined the screening.

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  1. No one I knows will watch it, all citing it being tacky to do it so soon and against his family’s wishes. Lets hope it bombs in ratings and maybe Channel 9 will get the message…then again maybe they wont.

  2. It feels too soon. There is a part of me that thinks yes it’s an honour having one of these tele movies made after you and maybe Warnie would have been up for it, but I, like many Australians feel for the kids watching it, no doubt they and many other close friends, family and colleagues are weaved into and maybe their not ready for that yet either. Shane Warne lived a colourful life so I hope Nine is subtle in the story line and concentrate more on his career, personally I just want to remember Shane Warne for the person he became and the good Dad he was, he seemed really happy and genuine in all his recent interviews.

  3. It’s very distasteful, especially from his former employer, and especially when it looks as dreadful as it does.
    Olivia and Hoges really should have put an end to these tacky celebrity TV movies.

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