Why is The Bear delayed to Australia?

Fans of The Bear are not happy having to wait nearly a month after US audiences for S2.

When The Bear Season One screened in Australia on Disney+ it launched in late August 2022, two months after its US premiere.

It became an instant hit based on the social reaction and reviews.

Despite the fan base, Season Two will also be delayed, screening July 19, just under a month of its US return (June 22) on Disney-owned Hulu.

That has led to angry fans venting on social media.

While programming can vary across territories, in this age of fast-tracking on subscription platforms it is disappointing.

Disney+ has been contacted for comment.

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  1. David,
    An even greater delay with the latest version of Great Expectations only starting yesterday on Disney yet started in the States on March 28. It does have Olivia Coleman as Miss Haversham and I wonder if you were sent a copy to review?

    1. No. I would have reviewed it. Disney+ not the best with preview access unfortunately. Select titles, complex login with big watermarks, pulled from previews before the TX premiere. I’ve raised with Disney before but they advise these are US decisions.

  2. They’re doing this all the time lately and it’s pissing me off.
    The Bear, How I met your father, Greys Anatomy and I’m sure there are many other examples.
    There just doesn’t seem to be a good reason for it these are all programs made by Disney and its subsidiaries it’s 2023.

    1. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is another. Disney are losing subscribers, upping the price and now removing content and delaying premieres. What are they trying to achieve? What an idiotic way to appeal to viewers.

  3. S1 was one of my favourite shows of last year. I have been looking forward to S2. David do you know if we will get weekly episodes or will we be able to binge all at once?

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