7:30, War on Waste win Tuesday slots.

Seven and Nine reality shows finish in a dull thud. Hunted scores in demos. Gap closes at breakfast.

ABC shows won key timeslots last night while Seven and Nine ultimately tied for network share.

The Chase topped entertainment at 557,000 / 344,000 metro viewers.

7:30 led its slot with 457,000 then Hunted (426,000, which led in entertainment demos), New Leash on Life (309,000) with both Rush and Million Dollar Island wrapping on a low 270,000. Great Coastal Railway Journeys was 156,000 for SBS.

War on Waste won with 415,000 then The Cheap Seats (318,000) and World Aquatics Championships (225,000).

While Nine led in primary share Seven and Nine networks tied on Tuesday with 26.9% each then 10 19.1%, ABC 18.9% and SBS 8.2%.

Nine News was 778,000 / 778,000 then A Current Affair won with 683,000. Hot Seat drew 378,000 / 225,00.

Seven News was #1 at 958,000 / 914,000. Home & Away pulled 452,000. The Rookie was 154,000 and The Rookie: Feds was 96,000.

The Project scored 282,000 / 179,000 for 10. 10 News First was 217,000 / 169,000.  NCIS managed 101,000.

ABC News drew 561,000. Louis Theroux Interviews (204,000) and The Drum (138,000) followed.

On SBS it was SBS World News (132,000 / 112,000), Insight (98,000), Dateline (50,000) and Mastermind (34,000).

7TWO’s The Coroner topped multichannels at 109,000.

Sunrise: 214,000
Today: 206,000
News Breakfast: 103,000 / 42,000.

In Total TV numbers last Tuesday were:

The Rookie: 489,000
Hunted: 849,000
Home & Away: 915,000
The Dark Emu Story: 507,000
Travel Guides: 352,000
The Cheap Seats: 529,000
New Leash on Life:  489,000

OzTAM Overnights: Tuesday 25 July 2023.

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  1. Personally, I really enjoyed Rush, even with the vague similarity to Amazing Race. I think the name is a problem, it doesn’t fit with the actual action. If any of these shows get a second chance, I hope it is Rush, but I am not hopeful as it must cost a lot. David Genat was brilliant and I expect to see him hosting elsewhere, maybe a successor to Beau Ryan.

  2. Interesting The Coroner is doing well for Seven. It’s mediocre and has aired repeatly on the ABC, UK TV and Britbox. There must be some people who didn’t catch it, unlike the rest of 72s line, they are repeating S1 Miss Scarlet and the Duke for the 4th or 5th time. The last airing was only a few months ago. Maybe they maybe showing S2 which they announced for 2022.

    1. As someone who files on ratings daily I often find when there is weak content on Seven’s primary channel (or it doesn’t appeal to older viewers, ie Big Brother), whatever is on 7TWO does extra well. I guess the good news for Seven is a big part of the audience stays in the ecosystem.

  3. Hopefully some attempt is made by the networks to look at why Rush and Million Dollar Island were not successful and to take action to prevent this happening again. The copycat issue is a real one especially when the original concept is only an adequate success and not a runaway hit. I see Seven are doing something similar to The Block again and no doubt that will come back to bite them.
    Really the networks seem to be in a mindset now of accepting ongoing poor results. Ten especially just allow their 2.5 hour news/project block to bounce along the bottom of the ratings night after night with no improvements and not enough courage to cancel. It is pretty depressing that there is not even the will to compete any more.

    1. I don’t think Nine will be too disappointed. They tried something new while The Ashes was on. Sure it didn’t rate too well, but they still won most weeks cause the cricket and Origin matches.

    2. I guess an announcement will come in the next 2/3 weeks regarding Neighbours and where it’s gonna land. So who knows, that 6pm hour on 10 could get a shake up yet.

  4. Embarrassing results for Million Dollar Island and Rush. Hopefully we never see them back again and Nine and Seven put their time and energy in to more original formats that aren’t copycats.

    1. What can be original these days?? Everything has been done and redone. From renovations to resucues, food to fatties, from love to greed its has been done. I’m hoping reality is on the way out. 10 has some new different formats like Hunted and TGYH but again there not new.

      1. Wouldn’t really lump TGYH in with the other reality junk.

        What the channels see with reality TV is that it’s cheap and keeps to the local content quota. Even taking that in to consideration the ratings have been a disaster. Barely making the top 20 shows in primetime slots. I very much doubt we’ll see 2nd series of either.

      2. There are new formats from overseas they haven’t tried here yet. The Circle, The Floor, Hot Wheels, Big Flower Fight etc. New scripted dramas or crime mini series/telemovies with iconic Australian characters. Lots of options…just gotta be willing to try them. But you’re right- the most successful shows seem to be slight variations on previous ones. I don’t think it was wrong of Seven or Nine to try the likes of Rush, Island and Blow Up. But when they launch and flop and clearly fail to attract a decent sized audience, I do think it is wrong of Seven and Nine to leave them there in the prime time schedule.

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