Four Corners “can’t compete against the Matildas”

Against stiff competition, ABC yanks its planned Aussie episode and replaces it with a UK report.

ABC has pulled its planned Four Corners episode on PwC tonight.

Instead it screens  a Channel 4 buy in, “Inside The Shein Machine” in which UK reporter, Iman Amrani, investigates TikTok sensation SHEIN.

The Chinese fast-fashion retailer overtook Amazon this year to become the most downloaded shopping app in the US. With the company’s worth reportedly adding up to £43 billion dollars, it’s a fashion ecommerce success story, unrivalled.

Iman will explore how Shein has mastered social media marketing to become a global fast fashion phenomenon. 

During the pandemic everyone from influencers to high-street loyalists grew to love it.

Then Shein’s infamously opaque business is starting to hit headlines — Rumours of exploitative working conditions in its factories and the devastating environmental impact of fast fashion are trending more than ever.

But very little has ever been brought to light – until now as undercover cameras go inside Shein’s factories in China for the first time.

8:30pm tonight on ABC.

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