Q+A: July 31

Guests: Luke McGregor, Katy Gallagher, Dean Smith.

Luke McGregor is a guest tonight on Q+A hosted by Patricia Karvelas.

This week on Q+A… hike or hold… is more rate pain around the corner? It’s a nervous wait for millions of Australians on the eve of the Reserve Bank’s interest rate decision, with economists split on whether we’re in for another rise. Inflation has come in lower than expected, but will that mean a reprieve for households struggling to cope?

The Treasurer is forecasting a record surplus of $20 billion … so will this lead to any more cost-of-living relief? The Coalition and the Greens have very different opinions on how the government should spend the windfall. Where do you think the money should go?

Meanwhile, the news isn’t any better for renters competing to put a roof over their heads. With rental price rises at their highest level for more than a decade, a new study reveals that many younger Australians will be forever locked out of home ownership. How do we solve the housing crisis?

And as the fallout from the devastating tax leaks scandal continues, will PwC’s disgrace lead to any real change? Or will one of the other big four consulting firms take advantage of its rival’s downfall?


Panellists: Writer, Actor and Comedian Luke McGregor,
Minister for Finance Katy Gallagher,
Liberal Senator for WA Dean Smith,
Greens Senator for SA Barbara Pocock
and CEO of the Australian School of Entrepreneurship Jahin Tanvir.

Monday, July 31 at 9.35pm on ABC.

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