Ratings leak on under-performing ABC shows

A note from ABC's Chief Content Officer to staff spills on how some shows are performing in the schedule.

A leak on ABC ratings performance appears to have landed at Crikey.

According to the article, a note from Chief Content Officer Chris Oliver-Taylor to staff suggested New Leash on Life performed “a little under where we wanted”, in its 8pm slot, but noted, “Really enjoyed the show though.”

The show’s “slightly softer launch” had a knock-on effect for The Black Hand, which is also “not delivering the broad audience” expected.

Thursday show My Life in Ten Pictures, was also impacting on “Grand Designs New Zealand, which is also not holding up, this then affects Elders and Art Works which mean [sic] neither of those vital Australian shows get a solid lead-in to help build audiences,” Oliver-Taylor said.

I was surprised My Life in Ten Pictures was given the 8pm Thursday slot… a nice series but this should really be first run Australian content (and not Miriam Margolyes / Alan Cumming in Scotland either). Foreign Correspondent is due to return on July 27.

The other question is who is leaking internal emails to press?

This kind of info from execs to staff can be detrimental should it happen to be leaked on bigger ABC commissions.

ABC declined to comment.

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  1. What’s the big deal – that ABC managers are human?

    It’s what people do in this comments column after reading the ratings report – try to draw conclusions from the data.

    And in all probability many come to similar conclusions as TV managers.

    I concur with your second last sentence, but that’s not what was leaked.

  2. Its been many years since I last watched the ABC Arts show-the crew used to go to a pub for discussions, then wowsered down to a coffee shop and now something no one watches much at all-sad.

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