Reality show finale winners: Million Dollar Island, Rush.

Seven and Nine reality shows last night reached a quiet climax giving away cash prizes to last contestants standing.

Two reality shows wrapped last night, giving away big cash prizes, having struggled to attract viewers.

There were three finalists in the Million Dollar Island arena, after eliminating 97 other players across the series.

The finale required them to choose from up to 42 boxes which mostly contained $10,000 each -but the Beat-the-Bomb style jeopardy meant finding a booby trapped bomb eviscerated all their accrued cash.

Chelsea took home the biggest prize of $110,000 cash.

“To come out on top, the winner of Million Dollar Island is the best feeling ever,” she said. “You work so hard to survive the conditions, smash the challenges, end up with all the friends that I’ve met here. It’s just the best feeling in the world.”

Jordan won $70,000 and Brett won $10,000 (having risked and lost a further $90,000).

Meanwhile Rush finished in South Africa with a bungee jump and Table Mountain hike.

The trek involved two months of filming to nine countries, with the last three standing: Sophia, Hamish and CK.

The winner was the first person to arrive at Nobel Square and the Nelson Mandela statue.

Hamish was declared the winner, when a green flare confirmed his final position. He won $100,000 and 2 x first class round the world tickets.

“I’m very proud, of not just me but these guys as well,” he said. “It’s been amazing. A bloody big Rush.”

In Total TV numbers last week, Million Dollar Island drew up to 432,000 viewers with Rush at 403,000.

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  1. Also really enjoyed rush, got to see more of the country than in other travel race shows and the host was non intrusive as well, was well shot and not overly complicated with tasks. Also liked the idea of the last team each episode eliminating one of their own.
    Was a good win for Hamish, how good would round the world first class tickets be!

  2. I really enjoyed Rush and so glad that Hamish won but would’ve preferred it to be Sophia, but it was quite obvious that she wouldn’t as she struggled in the Table Mountain hike challenge.

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