Staff cuts hit Entertainment Tonight

Long-running US showbiz show loses 10% of staff.

Staff cuts are underway at long-running US showbiz show, Entertainment Tonight.

Deadline reports about 10% of the staff at the CBS Media Ventures program were affected.

They include head of graphics, post supervisor, head of photography and some producers.

The last major round of layoffs at Entertainment Tonight came in 2019 when teams of website ET Online and live-streaming US network ET Live were consolidated, resulting in the departures of at least a dozen staffers.

Entertainment Tonight, which has been on the air for over four decades, is currently co-hosted by Kevin Frazier and Nischelle Turner, and screens in Australia on 10.

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  1. I used to watch a bit of snippets of ET back when i was a little kid but now it became very unwatchable with trash tabloid stories and too much negative gossip.

  2. Recently the show has been forced to use archive footage to a much larger degree than usual as well as a greater focus on private lives as ‘projects’ start to dry up and performers refuse to appear in promotions. This will only get worse if the 2 related strikes continue on for any great period of time.

    1. The so-called ‘news’ this type of show peddles is actually just extended advertising for the entertainment industry. Most content would be staged and sponsored directly by the studios and networks to publicise new shows and movies. It’s a bit unbelievable that it can’t run profitably to the point of staff redundancies.

  3. I used to watch it religiously in the 90’s and early 00’s for all my movie news and behind the scenes before the internets became the place to be, but then reality tv started becoming “newsworthy” so it just became trash reporting on trash half the time.

    1. Same! Then it was all about celebrity weight loss, and fake scandals. I miss the old days of a long segment based on a set visit, getting fun interviews and trying to get some minor spoilers.

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