A very Brady renovation

Heads up all you Brady-philes…

If you’re wanting to see A Very Brady Renovation, in which the 6 ‘kids’ renovate the original exterior house for HGTV, then turn your attention to Entertainment Tonight.

ET has just devoted almost a whole episode to the cast seeing finished renovations, and this screened today on 10.

10Play should add this episode as catch-up soon or you can set your PVR to 7am Monday morning for a replay (online clips are geoblocked).

There are some teaser clips online which feature renovations underway.

The house now even has an Australian fern (as hugged by Marcia, Marcia, Marcia).

You can also see some fan footage here.


  1. Have been watching the teaser clips on you tube. 9life show a lot of HGTV shows. We may see the series aired there? Hoping it’s not Foxtel because I don’t have it. Not sure I want to see the finished renos before hand though

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