Tony Barry’s final, emotional role in Bay of Fires

Even challenged by health, veteran actor Tony Barry kept colleagues entertained on the set of the new ABC drama.

New ABC drama Bay of Fires features the final performance of veteran actor Tony Barry.

Barry, whose credits include The Time of Our Lives, The Dismissal, Paper GiantsNewsfront, The Odd Angry Shot,  died in December, aged 81. he was diagnosed with melanoma and had his left leg amputed above the knee between seasons The Time of Our Lives, which was written into the storyline.

Bay of Fires star, exec producer and co-creator Marta Dusseldorp said, “We were all very aware that it might be his last role, which was emotional to work with him, knowing that, each day we weren’t sure necessarily, if he wouldn’t even make it through the shoot. But we always checked in with him. He had a carer with him full time, of course.

“He was always so positive,” she told TV Gold podcast. “He would come on, be cracking jokes. He’d get his transfusion and he’d be right up and tellin’ stories, fighting for the environment and giving everyone these beautiful wooden whale tails that he had, which was about Save the Whale. He’d yarn, like he’d sit in the car when we did that car scene, I mean, that takes all day.”

But it was difficult to edit scenes given Barry had already passed.

“Fond memories and what a beautiful performance beautiful. It was emotional, without giving anything away.”

Bay of Fires screens 8:30pm Sundays on ABC.

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