Update: Dancing with the Stars

Here's how Seven's dancing contest will play out on schedules, plus Million Dollar Island.

Dancing with the Stars will have its finale on Sunday July 23 on Seven.

There are two semi finals, before then to screeen 7pm Sunday July 16 and 7:30pm Monday July 17.

This means Million Dollar Island next week screens on Tuesday July 18, with a grand final likely a week later (25th TBC).

Following the Logie Awards on July 30 Seven will reset with a new season of The Voice.

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  1. I do wish all networks would stop messing around with their schedules! When you commit to a weekly show, keep it weekly. I am finding the chopping and changing to be a blatant disregard for viewers. I thought the role of programmers was to plana schedule and then they mess it about! I already have other shows I enjoy and record on my PVR on Monday, luckily some are repeated!
    (I know there is catch-up platforms, but I am unable to reliably access these, so it’s a shame there is such a push by networks and also other services don’t support the reliance of streaming services in rural areas!)

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