Will Five Bedrooms be renewed?

That season finale had a ring of finality about it, so here's the official line about more episodes...

If, like me, you made it to the end of Season Four of Five Bedrooms you might be wondering if the show will be renewed?

It certainly had a ring of finality about it, but never say never.

A spokesperson for Paramount+ tells TV Tonight no decision has been made (I wish I had a dollar for every time I hear that line) and more may be clearer at Upfronts later this year.

Aside from TV soaps, the show is currently the longest running local drama, although Utopia is the longest scripted comedy at 5 seasons.

The show has had a bit of a rough deal in the industry awards due to Logies having skipped some periods, but is up for Most Outstanding Drama Series, Miniseries or Telemovie.

Season 3 is also due to screen on 10 “soon.”

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  1. I was just about to ask about when Season 3 was going to air on 10. Glad to read the last line saying it’s coming “soon”. Hopefully it is soon, in a reasonable timeslot too.

  2. The ending felt a lot like the season 1 ending, they sold the house and Ainsley was pregnant to an ex. Although this time they did all seem more committed to actually moving on so surely the whole premise of living together in 5 bedrooms is gone. As much as I would like another season, where can they go from here?

  3. Ch 10 should have got their act together & shown season 3 before season 4 started on paramount plus. Every ad break had ads & giving away spoilers.

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