2m metro watch Spain defeat England in Women’s World Cup Final

Updated: Seven doubles Nine with a 51% share and pulls 3.066m Total TV -but The Block holds up against serious competition.

Even without the Matildas in play the FIFA Women’s World Cup has drawn a bumper audience for Seven.

2.00m metro viewers watched Spain defeat England 1-0 last night, just shy of Saturday’s play-off with Matildas v Sweden.

There were 720,000 viewers in Sydney, 579,000 in Melbourne and 285,000 in Brissy.

Updated: Total TV numbers of 3.066m, including Regional (748,000) and BVOD (373,000), were confirmed this afternoon.

That left other networks up against it but The Block held up brilliantly at 778,000 topping entertainment, with a huge lift Total TV numbers for last Sunday.

Restoration Australia was 337,000 while 10 baulked at competing, with a replay of The Dog House at just 161,000.

Later 60 Minutes was 360,000 then Bay of Fires (245,000) -still seeing a big spike in Total TV numbers.

Seven network easily won Sunday with 51.7%, then Nine 24.1%, ABC 10.0%, 10 8.7% and SBS 5.5%.

Seven News won with 960,000.

Nine News was 840,000 with a late edition at 226,000. A Parky! special drew 198,000.

ABC News pulled 483,000. Compass (138,000) and The Beast Must Die (77,000).

On a low night The Sunday Project was best for 10 at 212,000 / 189,000 then 10 News First 177,000 / 157,000. FBI managed just 92,000.

On SBS it was SBS World News (143,000 / 85,000), a Colosseum double (64,000), Amazon: The Lost World (41,000),

Border Security on 7mate led multichannels at 119,000.

In Total TV numbers last Sunday were:

Bay of Fires:  838,000
The Traitors: 448,000
The Block: 1.52m
The Voice: 1.43m
60 Minutes: 768,000
Restoration Australia: 733,000
7News Spotlight: 875,000

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 20 August 2023

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  1. “Approximately 1.1 million U.S. households watched the finals between the U.K. and Spain on Fox and Peacock last weekend, according to new numbers from Samba TV. That’s about 360,000 less than Team USA’s match against Sweden—which eliminated them from the competition—and over 3 million less than Team USA’s first match against Vietnam, which brought in 4.4M, according to Samba TV.” TVTechnology

  2. Sad that The Traitors didn’t lift significantly at all but proof again overnights aren’t the irrelevance some TV bosses make them out to be – they’re a pretty accurate early indicator of how the final figures will pan out.

  3. Not to take away from Seven’s superb soccer ratings, but what also stood out to me as extraordinary last night was the resilience of The Block against such staggering competition. How many shows do you know that could go head to head against live sports viewed by 2 million and still pull a 778k rating? That is basically unheard of

    1. Technically the soccer coverage that got 2million started at 8pm.

      The block was 7-8:30pm and got 778k.
      The soccer pre-game from 7-8pm got 800k.

      1. I didn’t see it broken down but presume the 8-8.30 portion of the soccer got a lot of viewers so the point remains about The Block holding up remarkably well.

  4. Lots of commentary around an audience being there for FTA if they program what people want to watch, partly true however in the modern landscape of so much choice the only thing that’s going to attract so many eyeballs at once in one place is something live that people don’t want spoiled before being watched at a later time. This is where FTA needs to step into expanding live sports and let their streaming services do the drama.

  5. I hope the networks learn something from this – an audience is there, we’re just not watching the drivel they’re plying us with. Networks can accept the current day abysmal ratings they’re pulling or they can be proactive and find out what an audience actually wants to watch and hopefully on the reg, pull some decent figures in the millions. I for one, will go back to where I do most of my viewing, along with those many, many millions who crawled out from our place of choice to watch the WWC. The networks need to take off their blinkers and make an effort to find out where those places are. Read the room networks and find the audience – you’re languishing.

    1. So you want another once every 4 years world wide sporting event next week-a once off sugar rush is not what stations want-the local competition is not well supported and will never be as the best players head off overseas where the absurdly big money is.

      1. Expecting the millions of people that came out of the woodwork to watch the WWC on FTA to only be to interested in football is doing that audience a disservice. They have other likes and interests and spend time watching other things somewhere else. The networks don’t cater to these people. What they’re watching and where they’re watching it, is a market the networks need to tap into. There are millions of them there, the networks really need to work out what these millions are up to. If no one is turning up to your party shouldn’t you be looking at why and where everyone is?

          1. Yep if you look at US Cable, Monday Nights WWE RAW generally sits at number 1, 2 and 3 for a lot of the year and averages 1.9 million in that period, then along comes Monday Night NFL and that gets between 8-15 million and takes number 1, 2 and 3 (Pre Game, Game, After Game). WWE RAW drops to 4, 5 and 6, with an average of 1.7 million NFL finishes and it’s back to 1, 2 and 3 and 1.9 million again, that 8-15 million doesn’t transfer over (well 200k does) those people are just gone, guessing they pay for Cable for NFL and then cancel.

  6. One of the 2m. I must admit that I prefer the women game to the men. I also quite like seeing England getting knocked out of any Football World Cup, so Viva España.

  7. Nine and 10 will be relieved that the WC is over and trying to recover from the programs that they’ve missed. 10 will roll out new eps of TGYH (as they’ve missed last Wed due to AUS-ENG Semi Final). As well, Nine need to get the ball rolling on unaired new eps of Travel Guides.

  8. Nine will be relieved the WWC is over and after this week – get back to being on top with The Block powering it home in Q3 and setting up Q4.

    Let’s see if the WWC has any halo lasting effect on Seven’s programming.

    1. Seven have now overtaken Nine survey YTD, both share (one full % too) and weeks won. That’s a bit of an odd take, considering Voice has been in front of Block on overnights and still neck & neck in VOZ (no denying Block’s still a weapon), but not to mention Seven News and AFL among others. Block alone will not win Nine any weeks up against those aforementioned, maybe after AFL and Voice finish? Block has also seen some of its lowest ever audiences, to be fair Voice has too. Nine’s Origins and Ashes as well as Married all definitely nullified now, makes you wonder what Nine bosses would be thinking.

  9. What an amazing result for the World Cup final. If someone told you a month ago that a soccer game not featuring Australia (women’s or men’s) would get 2 million viewers, you’d have laughed in their face.

      1. I’m not watching 10 much these days, so keep forgetting that they have the A-league now. They need some better promotion. Can’t wait for the next World Cup now, or there’s Olympic qualifiers coming up from October!.

    1. It has happened before. In 2002, Nine’s broadcast of FIFA World Cup between Brazil and Germany, from Yokohama in Japan, pulled just over 2.5 million metro viewers and 3 million nationally. That record stood for 21 years until it was broken twice by Seven’s coverage of FIFA Women’s World Cup matches involving the Matildas.

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