51 FAST channels launch on Pluto TV

From I Love Lucy to Baywatch, from Prisoner to Survivor -these are the 51 channels streaming for free through Pluto TV.

51 FAST channels have today launched through Pluto TV on 10 Play.

The Free Ad-Supported Television channels include curated channels spanning cult classics and global smash hits.

Beverley McGarvey, Executive Vice President, Chief Content Officer & Head of Paramount+, Paramount Australia & New Zealand (ANZ), said: “We’re thrilled to be launching this incredible line-up of more than 50 Pluto TV FAST Channels on 10 Play, all available for free for Australian audiences to enjoy.

“From legendary titles such as I Love Lucy, fans of the 50s with Happy Days, lovers of the 80s and shoulder pads with Dynasty, or 90s nostalgia with Beverly Hills 90210, we have content for all audiences across every generation, taste and age.

“We’re also incredibly proud of our content, technical and product teams who have worked tirelessly on this launch of the new dedicated branded area for Pluto TV on 10 Play.”

Jarrod Villani, Executive Vice President, Chief Operating & Commercial Officer & Regional Lead, Paramount ANZ said: “Pluto TV gives us a unique and strong point of difference in the Australian market that will build on nearly a decade of insights gathered from delivering alternate viewing experiences on 10 Play.

“Our extensive library of FAST channels offers a world of entertainment for audiences but it’s also a premium, brand-safe environment for advertisers to connect with key demographics.

“As global pioneers in FAST we can draw on a wealth of expertise and insight across Paramount, allowing us to elevate the opportunity for our clients and we’re excited to be reinventing traditional TV for the digital age,” said Jarrod.

The 51 channels include:

48 Hours
America’s Next Top Model
Beverly Hills 90210
Bondi Rescue
Diagnosis Murder
Happy Days
Hawaii Five-O
I Love Lucy
Judge Judy
Medical Emergency
Mission Impossible
MTV Biggest Pop
MTV Dating
MTV Drama
MTV Entertainment
MTV Love
MTV Reality
MTV Retro
MTV The Shores
Nick Classics
Nick Jr
Nick Movies
Nick Rewind
South Park
Survivor US
The Bold & The Beautiful Classics
The Brady Bunch
The Drew Barrymore Show
The Graham Norton Show
The Traitors
The Twilight Zone
True Stories
Wicked Tuna
Wipeout Xtra
Xtreme Adventure.

More FAST channels will be added in the future.

Audiences should apply the latest updates to their 10 Play app for best viewing experience.

11 Responses

  1. I wouldn’t mind watching Merlin again but it is impossible to watch anything serial. The Twilight Zone, assuming it’s the classic 1960s version, is the only thing I might watch. Would be easier to find the good episode if it was streamed.

  2. I tried watching this last night, but there are endless ad breaks with no ads, meaning looooooong periods with a title card promising that “10Play will be right back after this ad break”. Here’s an idea – if there are no ads to play, how about not going to a break. Nobody is going to watch Pluto TV if it keeps pausing for dead air. 10Play have been running most of these channels since January so why haven’t these bugs been ironed out yet?

  3. I came across the MTV Pop channel a while ago and really like it. I cannot believe that a network hasn’t done a 24/7 music channel before. I hope they don’t ruin it with host segments in between clips. Just back to back clips and a few ads thrown in but not too often.

    1. I don’t know if that’s better or worse than getting the same ads every break on 10play.
      Do advertisers think it’s beneficial to have that kind of saturation ?

  4. I didn’t think that I would be praising Network 10 – or using 10 Play anytime soon – but here we are. Cannot complain about 24 hours of Twilight Zone!

  5. I’m not sure when, but about 20 of these channels have been available for a while, as I’ve flicked between South Park, MTV music ones, Merlin and some Nick ones.

      1. Last time I left the Prisoner channel on, they were playing episodes in reverse order. In the 3 or 4 episodes I left on, I saw a prisoner get released in the 1st one, then that same prisoner still inside on the 2nd one, then the 3rd on she wasn’t there until brought in for induction half way through the 3rd episode I left on.

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