Bay of Fires: Aug 27

With her ‘Bay of Fires’ operation sabotaged by Stella & Jeremiah, Frankie finds herself in hot water.

It’s the penultimate Bay of Fires episode this Sunday on ABC.

With her ‘Bay of Fires’ operation sabotaged by Stella (Marta Dusseldorp) and Jeremiah (Toby Leonard Moore), Frankie (Kerry Fox) finds herself in hot water when unable to pay her ‘business partner’ or the townspeople who grow increasingly impatient with her. Furious and desperate, she launches a violent investigation to find out who is responsible.

Knowing that Frankie will be on a warpath, Jeremiah hatches a plan to protect Stella by steering attention off her and onto himself.

Jodie (Emily Taheny) seeks to protect Jeremiah and convinces him to leave Mystery Bay with her for good. As they plan their escape, Jeremiah says goodbye to a confused Stella, but also pays a visit to police officer Jason (Andre de Vanny) – leaving him with a specific set of instructions.

When the hitmen arrive in Mystery Bay to kill Stella, the townsfolk rally to protect her.

Magda (Pamela Rabe) and Heather (Roz Hammond) finally crack the code to get into the ProsperAus account- only to discover a crime so large that Stella doesn’t know what move to make next.

Meanwhile, Otis (Imi Mbedla) is held captive by Thaddeus (Matt Nable) and The Community and Elysha (Mackenzie Grant) takes a risk to help him.

8:30pm Sunday on ABC.

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  1. I watched the first three episodes desperately wanting to like this, but it got worse and worse, and I’ve given up. As an attempt at dramedy I think it’s a total flop, though admittedly not as bad as “Deadloch” for which I could only stomach one episode. John Cleese mastered unlikeable and funny in “Fawlty Towers”; these days the characters are just unlikeable.

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