Dogs Behaving (Very) Badly Australia: Aug 17

Graeme encounters a Border Collie that's constantly whining and barking and too erratic for its owners.

This week on Dogs Behaving (Very) Badly Australia Graeme addresses a Border Collie in Sydney, a Greyhound in Wollongong and rescue dog cross on the Gold Coast.

Jack and Amelia in Sydney thought Border Collie, Skye, would be the perfect first addition to their family, but Skye’s scattershot approach to walks makes for an embarrassing spectacle. She is also a noisy café companion, constantly whining and barking, leaving Jack and Amelia’s idyllic beachside life in ruins. The couple dream of having a baby of their own, but dealing with Skye’s erratic behaviour has left them too exhausted to even entertain the idea. If Graeme can’t fix these issues with their ‘first’ child, they may never have another.

They may be the world’s fastest dog breed, but in Wollongong there’s a greyhound who refuses to move. Erin is frustrated by her greyhound, Earl who won’t get in the car, usually resorting to lifting his cumbersome frame onto the backseat. Her mum helps out with regular doggy day care but lifting Earl could cause her serious injury. Is he incapable, frightened or just plain lazy?

Graeme hits the water to meet a couple on the Gold Coast. Grey nomads, Jane and Brent were all set to live a carefree life on their boat, until they adopted rescue dog Ruby. Now every time they leave the little Staffy cross Shih Tzu, she barks up a storm. She’s disturbing everyone in the marina they call home, and if Jane and Brent can’t get it under control, they’ll be evicted. Can Graeme help before they have to sell the boat and move ashore?

7:30pm Thursday on 10.

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