Dogs Behaving (Very) Badly Australia: Aug 31

Graeme meets a mischievous Labrador, a Chihuahua X Papillon and a Cavoodle pup.

This week on Dogs Behaving (Very) Badly Australia Graeme meets a mischievous Labrador, a Chihuahua X Papillon and a Cavoodle pup.

Melbourne couple, Sam and Danielle, have grave concerns for their black Lab Loki, ‘The God of Mischief’, who is a hungry boy So hungry that he steals not only food but toilet rolls, remote controls, socks and underwear anything he can wrap his mouth around Sam and Danielle are terrified his next meal might be his last and they’ve already spent thousands on vet bills to keep him alive.

Can Graeme do anything to curb fun loving Loki’s behaviour South of Sydney in Cronulla, Graeme meets lovebirds Christy and Max. They’re recently engaged but are butting heads on one little detail about their future life
together Christy’s Chihuahua X Papillon, Bowsi . Bowsi appears to hate everything and everyone and will lunge, growl and snap at all passers by, saving his most venomous attacks for other dogs. With a career as a professional NRL player for the Canterbury Bankstown Bulldogs, Max is sick of Bowsi not playing
ball. If Bowsi’s behaviour doesn’t change, Christy may have to decide if it’s Max or the dog.

In Canberra, single mum Anisha thought she was getting the perfect playmate for her only son, Christopher, when she brought home Cavoodle pup, Leo. But Leo has been more best fiend than best friend. Leo nips and bites both
Christopher and Anisha, drawing blood and bringing destruction to the home. Will Graeme be able to nip Leo’s nipping in the bud, before it’s too late?

7:30pm Thursday on 10.

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