First Weapons: Aug 11

In the final episode, Australia’s most lethal boomerang, the Wartilykirri.

In the final episode of First Weapons this week, Phil Breslin explores Australia’s most lethal boomerang, the Wartilykirri.

At Tennant Creek, 500 kms north of Alice Springs, host Phil Breslin meets master carver and craftsman Joseph Williams to learn about the Wartilykirri, a non-returning boomerang, often referred to as the Number 7.

Phil sources the wood, witnesses the crafting and puts this weapon into action. He gets a crash course in throwing and manoeuvring this hefty weapon. Keen to unpack the science that makes this hunting boomerang unique, Phil and Joseph meet our experts who are ready and waiting to investigate the wonder of the Wartilykirri.

It’s been quite the journey, but they’re not done yet. Phil wants to see the Wartilykirri in full fight mode, and so in a battle royale – medieval combat fighters put down their swords and pick up the Wartilykirri.

8pm Friday on ABC.

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  1. I’ve been to the outback several times to see the cultural of our indigenous peoples….but this show has been one of the best ABC shows lately…..it’s been an education into so many aspects of how these weapons where made the people who made them and the resources they use from the bush to make them…I enjoyed the testing of them with the science behind them…there has been such ingenuity, precision and craftsmanship in designing them, and how they should be used and that’s from my female perspective…thank you to all those who gave me an insight into your culture….enjoyed it immensely….and it’s a different perspective from other cultures and their weapons.

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