First Weapons: Aug 4

This week Phil Breslinsunlocks the science behind the Allener -the Long Spear.

In the penultimate episode of First Weapons, host Phil Breslin is in Lutruwita / Tasmania, and meets weapon maker Dave mangenner Gough to learn about the Allener – the long spear.

Heading to the mountains they source the perfect saplings to craft these ancient hunting weapons. Phil discovers the stripping and straightening process before learning how to throw this outsized weapon.

Next Phil and Dave travel to Brisbane to unlock the science behind the Long Spear. Meeting our team of experts, they discover that this seemingly simple weapon contains complex scientific principles propelling it extraordinary distances.

Finally, Phil invites Paralympian Corey Anderson and three-time National U18’s Women’s Javelin champion Alexandra Roberts to put this weapon into action.

7:30pm Friday on ABC.

3 Responses

  1. I’m sorry but let’s be fair dinkum here, a tv show about making a spear, a spear that has been used all around the world , quite possibly first used by primates on the way to being Homo sapiens.

    1. David has a point…I’ve got Māori family and their weapons are unique to their culture including their spears used for specific purposes….and so is their language, landscape and fauna…let’s not forget all cultures have their own uniqueness including weapons.

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