Fisk heads to ITVX

Kitty Flanagan comedy is being unleashed on the Brits.

Hit legal comedy series Fisk has been licensed by ABC Commercial to ITV for its streaming platform ITVX.

Star and creator Kitty Flanagan said: “I grew up watching British comedies, I lived in London and worked on the incomparable UK comedy circuit for eight years alongside many of the current stars of UK comedy, watching and learning from the best, so hopefully I have a good understanding of the UK audience.

“And with Fisk, I feel like we’ve made a show that will really appeal to that audience; it’s understated, ticks along fast, the characters are realistic and relatable and most importantly, it will make you laugh.”

Fisk, which previously won Best Series (Comedies) at Series Mania in France, has recently joined Netflix in international markets where it is winning new fans who are referencing The Office and Curb Your Enthusiasm.

ABC is yet to announce a third season. Waiting, waiting….

3 Responses

  1. Love Fisk we definitely need a season 3. Still disappointed Aftertaste got axed. Don’t think overseas audiences will get the cash cow joke though.

  2. Fisk s1 is currently streaming on Netflix in the UK and has been in the top 10 for the past week – currently sitting at number four!

    Great job!

  3. They’d be dumb to not do a season 3 especially with it being #1 on Netflix and USA and uk now loving it.
    But they have been dumb before aka time of our lives.

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