The case of Kitty Flanagan’s missing Logie…

A radio prank was behind a missing Logie won by Kitty Flanagan.

Not for the first time in TV history, a Logie trophy went missing after the awards ceremony in July.

Kitty Flanagan’s trophy, as accepted by Julia Zemiro, reportedly went missing at the after-party.

KIIS FM host Jackie O this week said “Julia Zemiro picked up the Logie on the night, she took the award on her behalf and then it vanished. Even at the after party, Julia was there protecting the Logie – but the Logie was apparently left by a couch when she went to the dance floor.”

Kyle Sandilands revealed, “Intern Pete had the Logie under his jacket and pulled it open like a how mafia guy shows someone his gun, Pete’s got Kitty Flanagan’s Logie under his jacket.”

Mediaweek reports Jackie O explained, “Kyle you don’t understand what that announcement was like – everyone was having the best time, they stop down the music in the middle of the night and then say ‘Some a***hole lowlife has stolen a Logie should’ve, could they return it no questions asked.’

“I’m standing there on the dance floor looking at Pete going ‘Freaking return it, because it’s not funny’ and he’s like ‘No, I will return it on air in the morning, it will be great content’. I said ‘No, you have to.’”

Intern Pete on the phone admitted that “I’ve actually been stressing about it because I’ve been checking Kitty Flanagan’s Instagram to be honest – she still hasn’t posted that Logie on there, so I don’t know if she ever got it back.”

Sources tell TV Tonight Kitty did indeed get her Logie….

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