Logie Awards 2024: nominations

Robert Irwin, Julia Morris, Larry Emdur, Andy Lee, Sonia Kruger, Tony Armstrong & Asher Keddie in the race for Gold!

10’s Robert Irwin & Julia Morris, Nine’s Andy Lee, Seven’s Sonia Kruger & Larry Emdur, ABC’s Tony Armstrong and Foxtel’s Asher Keddie will all compete for the Gold Logie at this year’s Logie Awards to be held in August.

Nominees announced today in Sydney saw a swathe of Streaming nominees from Netflix, Binge, Stan, Prime Video, Paramount+ and Disney+ swamp nominations in Drama and Comedy categories, as well as half the Documentary category.

There are big changes to this year’s awards with only 3 Popular categories and all remaining retitled as Best.

TV Week Editorial Director Amber Giles said: “As always, this is an exciting list of nominees for the TV Week Logie Awards with some of Australia’s best talent and shows up for awards. With the nominations announced, it’s now over to the public to have their say. The public can vote on more categories than ever before, so if you are passionate about TV and want to see your favourite stars and shows shine, then get voting!”

Popular Awards

TV Week Gold Logie Award for Most Popular Personality
• Entertainer and broadcaster, Andy Lee
• Actress, Asher Keddie
• Presenter and comedian, Julia Morris
• Entertainer and Presenter, Larry Emdur
• Presenter, Robert Irwin
• Entertainer and presenter, Sonia Kruger
• Presenter and broadcaster, Tony Armstrong

Bert Newton Award for Most Popular Presenter
• Hamish Blake, Lego Masters Australia, 9Network
• Julia Morris, I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!, Network 10
• Larry Emdur, The Chase Australia and The Morning Show, Seven Network
• Robert Irwin, I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!, Network 10
• Sonia Kruger, Dancing With The Stars, The Voice Australia and Big Brother, Seven Network
• Tony Armstrong, ABC News Breakfast, ABC

Graham Kennedy Award for Most Popular New Talent
• Alyla Browne, The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart, Prime Video
• Ava Caryofyllis, Bay of Fires, ABC
• Felix Cameron, Boy Swallows Universe, Netflix
• Imi Mbedla, Bay of Fires, ABC
• Lee Tiger Halley, Boy Swallows Universe, Netflix
• Tristan Gorey, Home and Away, Seven Network

Best Awards

TV Week Silver Logie – Best Lead Actor in a Drama
• Felix Cameron, Boy Swallows Universe, Netflix
• Hugo Weaving, Love Me, Binge
• Rob Collins, Total Control, ABC
• Rob Collins, RFDS, Seven Network
• Sam Reid, The Newsreader, ABC
• Simon Baker, Boy Swallows Universe, Netflix

TV Week Silver Logie – Best Lead Actress in a Drama
• Aisha Dee, Safe Home, SBS
• Anna Torv, The Newsreader, ABC
• Deborah Mailman, Total Control, ABC
• Phoebe Tonkin, Boy Swallows Universe, Netflix
• Rachel Griffiths, Total Control, ABC
• Sigourney Weaver, The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart, Prime Video

TV Week Silver Logie – Best Lead Actor in a Comedy
• Ben Feldman, Population 11, Stan
• Bob Morley, In Limbo, ABC
• Lincoln Younes, C*A*U*G*H*T, Stan
• Matt Okine, Mother and Son, ABC
• Rob Sitch, Utopia, ABC
• Ryan Corr, In Limbo, ABC

TV Week Silver Logie – Best Lead Actress in a Comedy
• Celia Pacquola, Utopia, ABC
• Danielle Walker, Gold Diggers, ABC
• Denise Scott, Mother and Son, ABC
• Kate Box, Deadloch, Prime Video
• Kitty Flanagan, Utopia, ABC
• Madeleine Sami, Deadloch, Prime Video

TV Week Silver Logie – Best Supporting Actor
• Bryan Brown, Boy Swallows Universe, Netflix
• Guy Pearce, The Clearing, Disney+
• Jay Ryan, Scrublands, Stan
• Lee Tiger Halley, Boy Swallows Universe, Netflix
• Stephen Curry, Bay of Fires, ABC
• Travis Fimmel, Boy Swallows Universe, Netflix

TV Week Silver Logie – Best Supporting Actress
• Ariel Donoghue, Wolf Like Me, Stan
• Kerry Fox, Bay of Fires, ABC
• Leah Purcell, The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart, Prime Video
• Mabel Li, Safe Home, SBS
• Michelle Lim Davidson, The Newsreader, ABC
• Sophie Wilde, Boy Swallows Universe, Netflix

TV Week Silver Logie – Best News or Public Affairs Presenter
• Ally Langdon, A Current Affair, 9Network
• David Speers, Insiders, ABC
• Liz Hayes, Under Investigation with Liz Hayes, 9Network
• Michael Usher, 7News and 7News Spotlight, Seven Network
• Peter Overton, 9News, 9Network
• Sarah Ferguson, 7.30, ABC

Best Drama Program
• Love Me, Binge
• NCIS: Sydney, Paramount+
• RFDS, Seven Network
• The Newsreader, ABC
• The Tourist, Stan
• Total Control, ABC

Best Miniseries or Telemovie
• Boy Swallows Universe, Netflix
• Erotic Stories, SBS
• Safe Home, SBS
• The Claremont Murders, Seven Network
• The Clearing, Disney+
• The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart, Prime Video

Best Entertainment Program
• ABC New Year’s Eve, ABC
• Australian Idol, Seven Network
• Dancing With The Stars, Seven Network
• Take 5 With Zan Rowe, ABC
• The Voice Australia, Seven Network
• Vision Australia’s Carols by Candlelight, 9Network

Best Current Affairs Program
• 7.30, ABC
• 60 Minutes, 9Network
• A Current Affair, 9Network
• Australian Story, ABC
• Foreign Correspondent, ABC
• Four Corners, ABC

Best Scripted Comedy Program
• Deadloch, Prime Video
• In Limbo, ABC
• Mother and Son, ABC
• Population 11, Stan
• Strife, Binge
• Utopia, ABC

Best Comedy Entertainment Program
• Gruen, ABC
• Hard Quiz, ABC
• Have You Been Paying Attention?, Network 10
• Thank God You’re Here, Network 10
• The Weekly With Charlie Pickering, ABC
• The Yearly With Charlie Pickering, ABC

Best Competition Reality Program
• Alone Australia, SBS
• Australian Survivor: Titans v Rebels, Network 10
• I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!, Network 10
• Lego Masters Australia, 9Network
• MasterChef Australia, Network 10
• The Block, 9Network

Best Structured Reality Program
• Farmer Wants A Wife, Seven Network
• Gogglebox Australia, Foxtel and Network 10
• Married at First Sight, 9Network
• Muster Dogs, ABC
• Old People’s Home For Teenagers, ABC
• SAS Australia, Seven Network

Best Lifestyle Program
• Better Homes and Gardens, Seven Network
• Gardening Australia, ABC
• Love It Or List It Australia, Foxtel
• Restoration Australia, ABC
• Selling Houses Australia, Foxtel
• Travel Guides, 9Network

Best News Coverage or Public Affairs Report
• A Silver Lining: Silverchair, Australian Story, ABC
• Ben Roberts-Smith: The Truth, 60 Minutes, 9Network
• Bishop of Broome, 7News, Seven Network
• Israel-Hamas War, 7News, Seven Network
• Old School – Louise Milligan, Four Corners, ABC
• The Forever War – John Lyons, Four Corners, ABC

Best Factual or Documentary Program
• Hot Potato: The Story of The Wiggles, Prime Video
• John Farnham: Finding The Voice, Seven Network
• Matildas: The World at Our Feet, Disney+
• Nemesis, ABC
• Revealed: Ben Roberts-Smith Truth on Trial, Stan
• War On Waste, ABC

Best Sports Coverage
• 2023 AFL Finals Series, Seven Network
• 2023 NRL Grand Final, 9Network
• 2023 State of Origin, 9Network
• Australian Open, 9Network
• FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023, Seven Network
• Fox League Las Vegas Week, Foxtel and Kayo Sports

Best Children’s Program
• Beep and Mort, ABC
• Bluey, ABC
• Eddie’s Lil’ Homies, NITV and Netflix
• Gardening Australia Junior, ABC
• Ginger and the Vegesaurs, ABC
• Play School, ABC


Voting will open for all* awards from 6.00pm AEST tonight and remain open until 7pm AEST Saturday 17 August* at tvweeklogies.com.au

*Most Popular Presenter & New Talent close 7:30pm AEST Sunday 18 August 2024
* Gold Logie Award closes Sunday 18 August at 10:30pm AEST.

* Hall of Fame award is jury voted to be announced on the night.

Seven screens the TV Week Logie Awards hosted by Sam Pang from 7pm Sunday August 18.

Who will win the Gold Logie?

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78 Responses

  1. If Robert Irwin can get a nom for doing 5 weeks of TV, how does Sam Pang not even get a mention when he is on top rating shows on 2 networks and is the host of the most important night of TV, again??? There also seems to be minimal nominations from Foxtel. Surely some of their News, Reality, Comedy and Sport shows are equally worthy of nominations…

  2. Is there any chance you can do a “write an answer type” poll, where your readers can list their choice for the people or shows they believe should have been nominated, but have missed out for each category? I’m sure we, the viewers, could come up with a list that is better reflective of the product consumers views, not the networks beliefs…

    1. Comments are the place for reactions, and there are plenty here. But if you’re asking me to run an alternate poll that seems a little disingenuous. TV Tonight Awards are exactly what you seek, a blank field for all talent and show categories, which returns in December / January.

          1. My bad, I was away yesterday and didn’t get a chance to read it – I just have and you are on the $$$, but there were many more. Colin from Accounts, Paul Murray Live, The Front Bar, AFL 360 and Fboy Island to mention a few…

  3. With the Logies eligibility being 1 April 2023 – 31 March 2024, and the latest season of I’m a Celeb starting on 24 March, Robert Irwin got voted in (by the industry) for the Gold Logie for one week’s worth of work?

    Nothing wrong with him. He was great on it, and is quite talented. But seems like a very short period for him to get him voted.

    1. Robert Irwin hosted I’m A Celebrity for 1 Month not 1 Week and he has hosted other TV Shows like Crikey It’s The Irwins on Foxtel and other shows

  4. One thing I’m surprised at: 10 not nominating Dr Chris Brown for Gold (something that could have been possible due to a quirk where Brown’s last season on I’m A Celebrity in 2023 started one day into the 2023/24 Logies eligibility period (April 2, 2023), while Robert Irwin’s first season on I’m A Celebrity in 2023 began seven days (March 24, 2024) before the end of the Logies eligibility period).

    I also wonder if Seven also attempted a Dr Chris Brown Gold Logie nomination… only to realise that the only on-air stuff Dr Chris did for 7 in the eligibility period was… the Logies red carpet last year: (i.e. it would have ended up with part of last year’s ceremony itself getting a Logies nomination) hence, we have somehow, Larry Emdur nominated by 7 for Gold instead.

    The quirks of a eligibility period indeed…

  5. Asher Keddie nominated for Gold stands out as being a bit odd. Struggling to think what she’s been in this year. Keddie aside and interchange Hamish for Andy and Gold and Popular Presenter are carbon copies of each other. Seems like Bert Newton having a laugh and making us sit through another and quite possibly the same acceptance speech.
    The Cheap Seats must feel robbed especially given that The Weekly and The Yearly are nominated. It’s essentially the same show and doesn’t really seem fair that it’s allowed to double dip like that at the expense of giving another worthy contender a go. I’m sure it’s technically OK within the rules but it’s one of those decisions where it just makes the producers look a bit greedy and selfish for putting forward the best of end of year special.
    People commenting online that Robert Irwin is too young to win Gold should remember back to1989 and Kylie Minogue winning it at pretty much the same age. Let’s hope Robert is lucky, lucky lucky lucky!

    1. It’s not so much his age thats the problem it’s his experience or lack there of that most people are taken aback by. If he was in the new talent category I think most people would have gone “fair enough”. Also you have to remember that Kylie’s first episode of neighbors was in April 86 so she was very much established by the 89 Logies.

  6. Tony Armstrong for gold and Michael Ussher for news.
    No Cheap Seats is a disgrace.
    Biggest Loser is Dr Chris Brown, not a good look when you leave a job and your successor
    gets a Gold nomination, a bit like Charlie Pickering.

  7. Couple of comments. She’s amazing, but I couldn’t tell you a single thing Asher Keddie has done this last year that would make her a Gold Logie nominee. How’s she wound up on the gold list when she’s not nominated in any of the acting categories? Also, Larry Emdur, industry icon no doubt, but it seems very suspect that his first appearance on a gold logie list comes at the same time as his afternoon game show is under siege.

  8. Well it’s nice to see Andy finally get some acknowledgement. Hamish has been nominated multiple times but he’s up against Robert Irwin so I don’t think he has much of a chance. Why would 7 put up Sonia Kruger again when she won last year? Why not Kylie Gilles? It’s a bit rude to put up Larry Emdur but not her. They are a double act. Is this the first time no one from Home & Away or Neighbours has been up for New Talent?

  9. Tony has to win. He’s had such a huge year/couple of years, for most of the others it’s just another year as usual, the same faces, doing the same thing. Also, this display of Indigenous excellence would show that the Logies/Australia is moving with the times, would be very satisfying and history making.

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