Married at First Sight “less screechy, shouty” in 2024

Can MAFS still find the drama without its most extreme elements?

Production on Married At First Sight has been underway since July (including with some tabloid leaks on cast).

Season 11 is looking to make some adjustment to the tone of the show.

“We have tried to move away from the screechy and the shouty,” Nine’s content, production and development head Adrian Swift has told the Herald Sun.

“We still give it all the drama that it needs, but we’ve tried to absolutely make sure all the relationships we see genuine potential in.

“This year what we have tried to do really carefully, exhaustively, is go ‘is this right?’

Those adjustments largely boil down to casting, producers and post-production. Can the story still be told by leaving the screechy scenes in the editing desk? Probably.

Back in 2019 then-CEO Hugh Marks expressed concerns over the tone of the show and instructed execs to pull back on some of the extreme content (it had been dropping bleeped C-bombs).

Executive producer John Walsh said at the time, “There has been a lot of discussion around the (swearing) and how we deal with that. There was a lot of thought given to how much of that we showed. There was a robust internal discussion about that.”

Swift this week added, “There will still be those moments when they (contestants) take one look (at each other) and it all goes south, but we are hoping that there is a lot of love in this season.”

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  1. That would be like running a strip club and making all the strippers keep their clothes on. Imagine the posters out front of the Naughty Nine Strip Club: Come inside and see the fully clothed strippers!

    No thanks. What’s the point? May as well drink alcohol-free beer.

    And, might I add, the only boring parts of that wonderfully entertaining show is when they do fall in love. Ergh, such a yawn fest. The music changes and we see those horrid bores wearing vacuous self-serving smiles as they saunter around behaving like they’ve won the competition. Yuk! Just hand over the hating influencers scratching and screeching all the way to the ad breaks. It’s the new 9 at its very best. It’s swill for the pig in us all. Well, most of us…some of us?

    If you want a good reality show that is actually designed to provide fascinating struggles in pursuit of ‘love’, watch Love Is Blind on Netflix. The format works well. But it’s not as entertaining as 9’s ‘hatefest dressed in love’s clothing’.

  2. You have to tweak the formula. The show would be starting to get long in the tooth. Cat fight dinner parties that are the same each year soon enough become boring. They need to find the next thing to captivate viewers. I’d say less fighting and drama with a splash of something else is likely a good idea.

  3. Most people who I know that watch it like the fact that it’s trash. Why mess with a winning formula? It was never meant to be a serious show was it?

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