MAFS up year-on-year for Nine

“Married at First Sight has once again proven it is the most powerful program on Australian television."

It may not have had a great strike rate in long-lasting couples but Nine has hailed its latest series of Married at First Sight after year-on-year growth across all screens:

-up 4% year-on-year on Total TV
-up 1.5% year-on-year on Broadcast TV
-up 9.6% year-on-year on BVOD

Hamish Turner, Director of 9Now and Programming, said: “Married at First Sight has once again proven it is the most powerful program on Australian television. With epic storytelling and some of the most riveting characters seen on screen, MAFS sets the blueprint for how a multi-platform program shows the true strength of Free-to-Air.

“The series has set us up for a huge Q2 that will take us from Lego Masters through to the Olympic and Paralympic Games.”

Calendar Year Top 10

Over the course of the compelling season, 2.545 million viewers were reached exclusively on 9Now, providing incremental reach of 22% to Broadcast TV. Almost nearly one third of the key demographic of People 16-39 were reached exclusively through 9Now.

In the crucial demographic of 25-54, the series recorded a Total TV National Average Audience of 1.003 million viewers per episode, representing year-on-year growth of 4.3%. On BVOD, the 25-54 audience was up 11% year-on-year.

Married at First Sight has helped push the 9Network to an overwhelmingly dominant position across the year-to-date, with the broadcaster taking out the Top 10 programs on FTA for Total People and in all key demos.

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  1. I watched this season of MAFS and really enjoyed it, it makes me laugh… a lot! I see MAFS as the modern day sit-com. Anyone whose watched the show knows everything is back to front and that’s where the laughs come from. For example, the “experts” portray themselves as experts at matching people, when of course we all know they are experts at creating conflict. Then there’s the challenges which are designed to create more conflict. I personally love the photo challenge each year, there’s always at least one fool who doesn’t understand you always rank your partner as the “most attractive”. Another highlight are the people with big egos (there’s lots of them!) who the judges, sorry “experts”, love to bring back to earth each Monday night. The judgements are hilarious as various contestants squirm around wondering why the “experts” don’t think they are as cool as they see themselves. James Weir’s recaps are great too. Don’t take MAFS seriously and you might enjoy it…

  2. I haven’t watched the show consistently for a number of years, mainly because of blatant setting up of contestants and their often naked attempts at self-promotion into post MAFS stardom.

    Nevertheless, I still read the James Weir recap which is just plain witty without knowing the contestants and occasionally I see 5-10 minutes when scrolling through the TV channels to see what is on. The few time I saw it this year, I was surprised by the more aggressive push back role that the “experts” took in calling out some contestants. This is something that I thought needed to be done, even just for their professional reputations. So I did record the final show last Monday and I was surprised by the number of contestants who said words to the effect that they really did grow as a person as a result of the “experiment”. If they continue to go down this path (which I doubt) then maybe there is some hope and value in the show.

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