Married at First Sight wraps huge season for Nine

Q1 ratings juggernaut draws to a close with a million viewers ahead of the competition.

Married at First Sight has concluded an0ther dream run for Nine, dominating Q1 viewing and adding a halo effect to Nine’s schedule.

The Reunion episode pulled in 1.73m viewers in National Audience last night.

That was about a million viewers (or more) ahead of 7:30 (768,000), Australian Story (649,000), I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here (592,000) and Highway Patrol (424,000 / 406,000).

Later Media Watch pulled 686,000 then Four Corners (694,000), Love Triangle (356,000) and Movie: The Equalizer 2 (294,000).

Nine News drew 1.2m for Nine with A Current Affair leading at 1.17m. Tipping Point was 657,000.

Seven News won with 1.45m for Seven. Home & Away was 812,000 then The Chase winning at 675,000.

ABC News pulled 936,000. The Rise & Fall of Boris Johnson was 349,000 then Antiques Roadshow (216,000).

The Project managed 359,000 for 10 then 10 News First (334,000), Deal or No Deal (278,000) and FBI: Most Wanted (197,000 / 143,000).

On SBS it was SBS World News (211,000 / 166,000), Finding Your Roots (118,000), Mastermind (108,000), Secrets of the Tower of London (106,000) and 24 Hours in Emergency (96,000).

Sunrise: 408,000
Today: 322,000
News Breakfast:  267,000

National Total TV: Monday 8 April 2024

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  1. What must be of very large concern to Ten and Seven is the fact that as MAFS ages it seems to be losing no traction and it is just solidifying dominance. The margins at which it defeats rival offerings night in night out is astonishing.

  2. So it’s finally done this year then? I kept seeing ads through Footy Classified for a few weeks saying “final” this and “final” that… how many finals can you have? That show is honestly like a boil on the bum you can’t get rid of.

  3. It may be the highest rating show, however I guess the only thing people want to watch is Train Crashes every night and other people’s misery. I can never understand why the so called “Experts” sit in a room next door to all the drama and bull*hit and never step in to settle things down. If these “Experts” are supposed to be counsellors and alike, I would absolutely hate them to be looking after my crisis. But silly me, of course the TV Execs etc don’t want anyone to intervene and calm the anger, instead they get them drunk and watch the fires light up around the room. Maybe instead of so called “Experts”, all they need is WWE Referees!!!

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