Thank God You’re Here tops entertainment, demos in buzzy return.

Improv comedy reeled in 684,000 viewers last night, 14 years after it last appeared on TV.

Thank God for Thank God You’re Here, met with glowing online reactions and an impressive 684,000 metro viewers to match.

14 years after it last appeared the show topped entertainment and the demos for 10 last night.

It was well ahead of 7:30 (486,000), Hard Quiz (461,000), Travel Guides (413,000) and Border Security (322,000 / 317,000).

Later Gruen scored 480,000 then John Farnham: Finding the Voice (252,000), and Five Bedrooms (217,000).

Seven network won Wednesday with 27.4% then Nine 26.7%, 10 20.0%, ABC 18.8% and SBS 7.2%.

Seven News was #1 at 920,000 / 905,000 then The Chase (539,000 / 307,000) then Home & Away (456,000).

Nine News (735,000 / 719,000) was best for Nine. A Current Affair won with 611,000 then Hot Seat (349,000 / 194,000). Movie: Edge of Tomorrow drew 179,000 with Footy Classified at 120,000 across the network.

The Project drew 279,000 / 180,000. 10 News First was 217,000 / 162,000. So Help Me Todd was 93,000.

ABC News was 549,000 then Gold Diggers (163,000), The Drum (155,000) and Would I Lie to You? (148,000).

On SBS it was SBS World News (134,000 / 117,000), Who The Bloody Hell Are We? (101,000), The Rise & Fall of Boris Becker (94,000). Anne Boleyn was just 35,000.

Peppa Pig topped multichannels at 117,000.

Sunrise: 209,000
Today: 192,000
News Breakfast: 95,000 / 57,000

In Total TV numbers last Wednesday were:

Utopia: 963,000
Gruen: 831,000
Home & Away: 948,000
Gold Diggers: 323,000
The Appleton’s Lady Potato Race: 373,000
The Front Bar: 499,000

OzTAM Overnights: Wednesday 2 August 2023

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  1. It has the potential to rise to the level of the original series, but they need to strongly avoid using overexposed Channel 10 “celebrities” and entice real improv actors. Also, Celia needs to stop shouting.

    So thrilled to see some of the regulars back in the casts of the scenes. The blonde actress is the best.

  2. This was a one and done for me. Apart from the fabulous Julia Zamiro, I found the style of the other comedians, especially Urzilla, decidedly lazy.

  3. I really enjoyed the return of TGYH. The only complaint I have to make is the same sound issue that the last series on channel 7 had and that was the echo of the room. The wide audience shots show a bare metal roof like a large tin shed with no insulation or sound baffles to be seen to keep the echo down. This also seemed to make Celia need to shout all the time rather than natural talking, but this also could have been first night nerves coming through too.

  4. I see Ten lauding TGYH as their biggest launch of the year.
    How have they forgotten Masterchef already? MC launch was definitely higher.

  5. There is no doubt, Australian comedy is the best…..
    I couldn’t stop laughing and the size of the audience really drove this show….along with Glen Robbins as the judge and Cecilia hosting.

    Best show of 2023🏆✨️

  6. I watched Travel Guides…love that show….and of course happily watched John Farnham again….even picked up things I had missed last time around.

  7. I just watch TGYH on 10Play. I noticed that the set remains the same but with the font shading as diagonally instead of horizontally. I think Celia is a good host. The intro VO has been freshened. Working Dog Productions have used different VOs on HYBPA and The Cheap Seats.

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