The Chase tops entertainment on quiet Thursday

Seven's combo of The Chase and Seven News again defeats Nine's Hot Seat and Nine News.

On a day when Nine confirms it is putting Hot Seat into “hiatus”, The Chase has again topped entertainment, drawing 492,000  / 304,000 metro viewers.

By comparison Hot Seat managed 343,000 / 183,000.

But it is arguably in the 6pm News slot that we see why Nine is really moving on its 5pm support-act.

Seven News was #1 at 850,000 / 838,000, outclassing Nine News at 759,000 / 743,000.

Elsewhere last night an extended Home & Away screened from 7pm at 445,000 / 389,000.

7:30 drew 444,000 then Dogs Behaving (Very) Badly Australia (324,000) and Foreign Correspondent (308,000).

Later The Front Bar was 356,000 then A Life in Ten Pictures (219,000),

Thursday Night NRL drew 289,000 across the network.

Nine network won Thursday with 29.3% then Seven 29.1%, ABC 17.0%, 10 15.2% and SBS 9.4%.

A Current Affair won with 594,000. RBT pulled 1760,000 in 3 cities with Emergency at 170,000 across the network.

What the Killer Did Next scored 173,000 for Seven.

ABC News drew 556,000. The Drum (164,000) and Grand Designs: NZ (162,000) followed.

The Project managed 261,000 / 172,000. 10 News First was 199,000 / 139,000. Law & Order: SVU was 115,000 with a Cheap Seats replay at 73,000.

On SBS it was Inside Sydney Airport (129,000), SBS World News (127,000 / 109,000), Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy (124,000). Kin was just 54,000.

Would I Lie to You? on ABC TV Plus topped multichannels at 108,000.

The Morning Show: 119,000 / 67,000
Today Extra: 111,000 / 78,000

In Total TV numbers last Thursday were:

Dogs Behaving (Very) Badly Australia:  551,000
Ashes Series: 793,000
Thursday Night NRL: 463,000
Foreign Correspondent: 323,000
FIFA Women’s World Cup: 1.46m

OzTAM Overnights: Thursday 3 August 2023

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  1. It’s really going to annoy me, having you post those 6pm hour numbers on 10, David. Seeing how low they are and then seeing the Network put Neighbours at 4:30pm.

    I mean I get they are hoping it boosts the 5pm portion of news (199k last night so low) but that’ll do nothing for the nightly share because the viewers will just tune out at 6pm again.

  2. Seven need to do something to lift Home and Away’s ratings so they should consider sending some of the characters out of Summer Bay for a few eps to Brisbane or Melbourne for a special ‘adventure’ (character runs away, rescues sick ex-character etc.) Could help drum up extra state-specific publicity and boost viewers in those markets where ACA is further trouncing it.

        1. I think that’s Davids point though, on TTL TV Numbers the two shows are neck and neck with Home and Away regularly taking nights away from ACA. The vast majority of ACA viewing is live at 7pm whereas Home and Away is spread across broadcast, catch up and streaming.

          1. I agree. H&A is nearly 1 million (7 day numbers) 4 nights a week (with Thursday often a triple) almost every week of the year. The quiet achiever. It probably skews to a younger demo who are more likely to watch later. ACA most likely skews to older demo and less likely to watch later as watching news programs a few days later doesn’t usually make sense. For the purposes of this argument I am suggesting ACA is a news program.

          2. Also suggest watched by a different demo audience. Changing locations or adding new characters will make no difference to numbers.

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