Airdate: The Disposables

New teen series marks ABC's very first TikTok drama, which will also screen on ABC ME and iview.

ABC will launch its very first TikTok drama The Disposables later this month.

The series directed by co-creators Renny Wijeyamohan and Sonia Whiteman centres around a teen refugee in Western Sydney whose dad disappears and is blamed for unleashing a terrifying biological monster.

The cast includes Sumi Gunaratnam, Lakota Johnson, Rajan Velu, Jordan Rodrigues, Josh Pyman, Heidi Arena, Zara Tate, and Zenia Starr.

When sixteen-year-old refugee Priya’s dad goes missing and is blamed for unleashing a terrifying, mutating plastic-eating beast on the suburbs of Western Sydney, Priya and her best friend Obi must navigate a community in which they are treated as undesirables in order to find her dad, clear his name, destroy the creature plaguing their neighbourhood, and land a visa to stay.

The Disposables is an innovative and thrilling interactive ‘monster’ conspiracy series. In each episode pieces of seized footage progress the story; evidence gathered from social media that viewers are invited to watch, scouring Priya’s social media accounts to investigate and bear witness to her desperate quest to find her father. Priya and Obi’s TikToks, texts, video calls and CCTV will be some of the pieces of the puzzle from which a full picture is formed.

Production credit: A Photoplay Films production in association with Dragonet Films. Principal production funding from Screen Australia and the ABC. Financed with support from Screen NSW. Creators: Keir Wilkins, Sonia Whiteman, Renny Wijeyamohan, Karen Radzyner. Producers: Karen Radzyner, Renny Wijeyamohan. Executive Producers: Margaret Ross, Oliver Lawrence, Scott Otto Anderson.

Premiering on TikTok Live @abcivew, Friday 22 September, 4pm

These are other broadcasts:
ABC ME linear broadcast at 8.15pm on 22, 29 Sept and 6 Oct (in 3 x 20 min eps)
ABC iview as a 61 min feature from 22 Sep (same version as the initial TikTok premiere)
@abczaus TikTok account in 32 x 2 min eps

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