Bay of Fires S2 in development

ABC series co-created, produced by and starring Marta Dusseldorp, is plotting a second season.

ABC is yet to formally announce a second season of Bay of Fires, but a second season has been in development for some time.

Screen Tasmania provided funding to develop a second season earlier this year.

“We have already seen the benefits from the first season of Bay of Fires, not only in terms of the broader economy, but also with increased employment for locals on the West Coast during a traditionally quieter time for businesses,” Elise Archer, Tasmania’s Minister for the Arts said.

Tasmania is enjoying a boost in local production of late with Deadloch, Alone Australia and Platypus Guardian.

Bay of Fires filmed predominantly in Queenstown, Zeehan and Strahan. The series co-created, produced by and starring Marta Dusseldorp, has been particularly strong in Total TV numbers for ABC.

“Our screen industry is a valuable contributor to our economy that supports jobs right around the State, and our ongoing screen investment has allowed our local industry to grow, resulting in the strongest level of back-to-back production activity in the State’s history.”

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  1. Unfortunately I cannot join thew chorus of praise for Bay of Fires as I thought it was truly terrible production. I am very happy for those who enjoyed it and the work it offered its crew but I will not be viewing a second season.

  2. One of the best shows on the ABC this year…looking forward to S2 and hopefully more misfits and oddball characters…..everything Marta does is entertaining and enjoyable to watch anyway.

  3. good..you were pretty confident we’d see a second season of this,david..and voila.i don’t know how much of this can be attributed to marta..but her moving to tasmania,and producing and acting in this…seems to have made a difference in the jobs and to the tv/film industry in that state.i was wondering..the fact that the show rated pretty well..is that really of much benefit to abc?i guess a popular rated show might contribute to screen tasmania wanting to continue funding but it wouldn’t bring in ad revenue,and it seems this might be a costly show to produce…but of course costs create jobs and pay wages.i think they’ll have to rework the storyline if they are to have any chance to sell this show elsewhere..just focus on the characters and the weirdness.

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