Block best in Monday entertainment. Neighbours returns to 10.

Have You Been Paying Attention?, MKR, and Australian Story all above 500,000 viewers.

While a stoush is taking place over early evening ratings wins, The Block took a victory last night, topping entertainment and key demos at 634,000 metro viewers.

That was comfortably ahead of MKR (534,000), Australian Story (505,000), 7:30 (500,000) and The Masked Singer (381,000) rising to 526,000 for a Sandra Sully reveal (and doubtless when some HYBPA? fans are settling in).

Later Have You Been Paying Attention? was 559,000 then a Four Corners repeat (443,000), Media Watch (406,000), Missing Persons Investigation (301,000) and The Rookie (213,000).

Yesterday also marked the return of Neighbours which drew 122,000 in its premiere slot – the exact same number The Bold & the Beautiful got in the same slot last Monday. Another 42,000 watched a 10 Peach replay.

Although Nine led in primary share, Seven network won Monday with 28.5% then Nine 27.9%, 10 19.3%, ABC 17.9% and SBS 6.3%.

Seven News was #1 at 880,000 / 861,000. The Chase drew 493,000 / 306,000 then Home & Away (455,000). The Rookie: Feds was 118,000.

Nine News (815,000 / 792,000) was best for Nine. A Current Affair won with 720,000 then Hot Seat (386,000 / 238,000). Across the network were Footy Classified (108,000) and 100% Footy (47,000).

The Project pulled 314,000 / 185,000. 10 News First was 205,000 / 144,000. Inspired Unemployed (Impractical) Jokers managed 154,000.

ABC News scored 577,000 for ABC. Q+A (212,000) and The Drum (153,000) followed.

On a tough night for SBS were SBS World News (115,000 / 96,000), Finding Your Roots (80,000), Britain’s Most Expensive Houses (40,000), Mastermind (35,000) and The World’s Most Luxurious Holidays (31,000).

Sunrise: 199,000
Today: 182,000
News Breakfast: 93,000 / 49,000

In Total TV numbers last Monday were:

The Rookie: 541,000
The Block: 1.12m
The Masked Singer: 819,000
Missing Persons Investigation: 469,000
Have You Been Paying Attention? 1.01m
Media Watch:
: 984,000

OzTAM Overnights: Monday 18 September 2023

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  1. Whilst everyone is talking about Neighbours, I was gripped to the Australian Story about silverchair’s Chris and Ben (which has prompted me to work through their studio albums for the first time in years). The rift between them and Daniel is heartbreaking and was a story very tenderly told by the ABC. Can’t wait for next week’s conclusion.

  2. Not sure how those figures compare to what it used to get on Peach but feel it’s got a chance of lasting longer on 10 at 4.30pm than had they given it the 6pm half hour. A shame though given where 10’s Sunday night schedules are at the moment they didn’t give the premiere a primetime outing the night before.

  3. Personally i would have rested The Project for a little while and put Neighbours back on 10 at the original time of 6.30PM,and test the waters.Then if it didn’t work just do what they are doing now.Showing at 4.30PM to return and not be on the main channel at 6.30PM is a head scratcher yes sure it’s on Peach but viewers do tend to stick with the main channels as a rule,i don’t but many seem to do.Very early to call about what Amazon thinks but other parts of the world i know there will be plenty of other’s watching so they will be the numbers they will be looking closely at

    1. But realistically what do you expect it to have done on 10 at 6.30 after it’s tepid debut yesterday? 250k at 6.30 on 10 would not have been worth slicing The Project in half for.

  4. Are those figures sufficient for Neighbours? Because they don’t seem to be an improvement up on its previous generation figures. On the other hand, does Amazon publish streaming data?

  5. I came back for the 6.30pm replay on 10 peach just to see how they unpacked the finale to keep it going. Once again the nostalgia. There simply isn’t a local audience for Neighbours anymore on those numbers Ten certainly did the right thing not putting it on the main channel at 6.30pm which means the future of this new chapter likely lies with picking up an audience in North America. Australians are done with Neighbours.

    1. The 122,000 figure may be because of the timeslot (especially given it is identical to what was previously there.) I personally feel an early evening slot like 6.30pm or 7.00pm would result in higher numbers. Neighbours is though a delicate entity, any promotion needs to penetrate the community but also to be careful not to brand it as something it is not. I don’t envy the current producers but also consider the afternoon slot to be counter-productive.

        1. I have to agree. In my mind I thought perhaps 250k at 4.30pm and 300k at 6.30pm bringing back that wave they seen in the final week just to see how it was all unpacked for it’s return and then it would drop off to the numbers we seen yesterday. Given the show didn’t improve on B&B numbers last week it’s all down hill from here. I wouldn’t be surprised if it gets dumped from the main channel again after a few weeks.

        2. Unfortunately I think you are correct. Will almost certainly fall under 100 000 viewers from this afternoon onwards. I definitely think it will be swapping timeslots with B&B within a couple of weeks. And while I understand it’s performance in Australia has nothing to do with whether it is considered to be successful by Amazon it is still not a good look. There will undoubtedly be negative headlines in the press when this happens.

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