Four Corners: Oct 2

ABC explores the true cost of fighting organised crime, for police informants.

On Monday’s Four Corners “Undercover” reported by Mahmood Fazal hears from police informants and whether they are abandoned after trials.

Undercover operatives and secret informants have been crucial in the fight against organised crime.

But what happens to these people who risk their lives once the operations have finished and the criminals are behind bars?

Some say law enforcement agencies — both in Australia and overseas — abandon them, leaving them in fear.

Reporter Mahmood Fazal brings you a never-before-seen dive into the dark underbelly of crime fighting.

Speaking with past informants, Mahmood interrogates how they are treated once their job is done, and whether they get what they are promised.

Undercover also explores the ethical grey zone in the relationship between handlers and their sources.

Monday 2 October at 8.30pm on ABC.

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