Multichannel Survey 2023: 7mate, 7TWO, 7flix, 7Bravo.

Seven has the top two multichannels. This year's survey includes the first results for 7Bravo.

With its suite of 4 multichannels, Seven has the two top-performing multichannels: 7TWO is the #1 channel, and 7mate is #2.

Seven is the only network with two multichannels averaging over a 4% share this year.

7TWO has broadened from previously seeking viewers 35+ to Total People while 7flix has shifted from All People to Women 18-49.

The first survey results for 7Bravo, which launched in January, indicate a 1.5% share which may have stolen some share from 7TWO, 7mate and 7flix.

Upcoming shows include Darradong Local Council, Aussie Truck Rehab, Vera, Shetland, McDonald & Dodds, Puppy School, First Dates UK, Below Deck Down Under S2 and plenty of E! Live from the Red Carpet in awards season.


Brand Identity: 7mate caters for all male viewers with a broad range of live sport, blockbuster movies, new animations and a host of top rating factual programs from Australia and abroad.

Target Demographic: Men 16-54.

Format / Tech Playout: Did not respond.

2023 YTD Ratings Share / Demo Performance: 7mate is the number 2 channel for TTL PPL only behind 7TWO
Averaging a 4.2% Commercial Share. Seven is the only network with two multi channels averaging over a 4% share this year. 7mate dominates the traditional hard to reach male target demos. Dominating the M16-54 demo, averaging a 6.1% Commercial Share. 1 point ahead of its nearest competitor. Number 1 in TTL Men, averaging a 5.6% Commercial Share. 0.9 points ahead of 2nd place

Key First Run Titles: Outback Farm, Heavy Tow Truckers Down Under, Gem Hunters Down Under, Adventure Gold Diggers, Darradong Local Council, Mt. Hutt Rescue, Family Guy, American Dad.

First-Run Australian Content: Heavy Tow Truckers Down Under, Outback Farm (pictured above), Gem Hunters Down Under, Adventure Gold Diggers, Darradong Local Council, Close Encounters Down Under.

Recent Success Stories: Outback Farm, Outback Truckers, Heavy Tow Truckers Down Under, Aussie Salvage Squad, Highway Patrol, The Force, Aussie Border Security, Air Crash Investigations, American Pickers, Pawn Stars, Storage Wars, blockbuster movies.

Upcoming Key Titles: Darradong Local Council, Aussie Truck Rehab, Outback Crystal Hunters, Train Rescue Down Under, Outback Comedy Outlaw, Gem Hunters Down Under, Adventure Gold Diggers, Outback Opal Hunters, Railroad Australia, Watch Dogs, Roast Night, Counting Cars, Kings Of Pain, Swamp People: Serpent Invasion, Family Guy, American Dad, American Pickers, Pawn Stars, Storage Wars.

Upcoming Changes to Playout / New Channels: Did not respond.


Brand Identity: 7TWO is the home for great British mysteries, as well as offering an array of award-winning drama, classic comedies, popular factual entertainment, and much-loved lifestyle programming.

Target Demographic: Total People.

Format / Tech Playout: Did not respond.

2023 YTD Ratings Share / Demo Performance: 7TWO is the number 1 multi-channel in 2023. Leading TTL PPL with a 4.3% Commercial Share. The key to 7TWO’s strength is women. The number 1 multi-channel for TTL Women, averaging a 5.1% Share. 1.4 points ahead of its nearest competitor.

Key First Run Titles: Miss Scarlet And The Duke, Murdoch Mysteries, McDonald & Dodds, Heathrow, Bargain Hunt, Escape To The Country, The Yorkshire Vet.

First-Run Australian Content: Gold Coast Ocean Rescue, Bondi Vet S12.

Recent Success Stories: Endeavour, Lewis, Doc Martin, (pictured above), Manhunt, Call The Midwife, The Coroner, Inspector Morse, Father Brown, Kavanagh QC, Inspector George Gently, Heartbeat, Vicar of Dibley, Mrs Browns Boys.

Upcoming Key Titles: Vera, Shetland, McDonald & Dodds, Karen Pirie, Grace, World’s Most Scenic Railway Journeys, Escape to the Country, I Escaped to the Country, The Yorkshire Vet, The Yorkshire Steam Railway, Hitler’s Holocaust Railways with Chris Tarrant, Hornby: A Model Empire, Slow Train Through Africa with Griff Rhys Jones, Great Rail Restorations.

Upcoming Changes to Playout / New Channels: Did not respond.


Brand Identity: 7flix provides a well-rounded entertainment experience that caters to audiences of all ages. With diverse content offering including celebrated dramas, sitcoms, family movies, and female skewing reality shows.

Target Demographic: Women 18-49.

Format / Tech Playout: Did not respond.

2023 YTD Ratings Share / Demo Performance: 7flix is averaging a 1.8% Commercial Share in 2023. The channel performs best in its Women 18-49 target demo. Averaging a 2.2% Share.

Key First Run Titles: Puppy School (pictured above).

First-Run Australian Content: Did not respond.

Recent Success Stories: Movies, Dogs Behaving Very Badly, Law & Order (Special Victims Unit & Criminal Intent), Ramsay, Say Yes To The Dress.

Upcoming Key Titles: Puppy School, First Dates UK, 10 Years Younger In 10 Days.

Upcoming Changes to Playout / New Channels: Did not respond.


Brand Identity: 7Bravo is the ultimate free-to-air destination to watch the world’s most iconic unscripted TV franchises, entertainment content and true crime.

Target Demographic: Women 16-54.

2023 YTD Ratings Share / Demo Performance: 7bravo has averaged a 1.3% Commercial Share since launch. The channel overperforming in its W16-54 target demo. Averaging a 1.5% Share. Audience continues to build for 7bravo. September has been the strongest month for 7bravo so far. Averaging a 1.5% Share, growing 0.4 points since launch.

Key First Run Titles: Below Deck Down Under, Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip, Below Deck Adventure, Real Housewives of Dubai, Real Housewives of Miami, Made in Chelsea, Real Girlfriends in Paris, Southern Hospitality, 911 Crisis Center, Exhumed, Accident Suicide or Murder, Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Judge Jerry, The Kelly Clarkson Show, Cultured, E! Live from the Red Carpet: The 2023 Grammys, E! Live from the Red Carpet: Oscars 2023, E! Live from the Red Carpet : The 2023 Met Gala.

First-Run Australian Content: Below Deck Down Under (pictured above).

Recent Success Stories: Below Deck Down Under, Botched, Below Deck Adventure, Below Deck Mediterranean, Southern Hospitality, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Snapped, John Wayne Gacy: Devil in Disguise, Myth of the Zodiac Killer, Shark Tank.

Upcoming Key Titles: Below Deck Down Under S2, Below Deck Season 10, Botched S8, Real Housewives Ultimate Girls’ Trip S3, Real Housewives of Miami S5, Rainn Wilson and the Geography of Bliss, Luann and Sonja: Welcome to Crappie Lake, Vanderpump Rules S10, The Edge with Orlando Bloom, House of Villains, Made in Chelsea S25, Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard, Buried in the Backyard S5, Accident, Suicide or Murder S4, Celebrity Prank Wars, LA Fire & Rescue, Charmed to Death S1, Sleeping with Death S1, E! Live from the Red Carpet: The 2024 Golden Globe Awards, E! Live from the Red Carpet: The 2024 Grammy Awards, E! Live from the Red Carpet: The 2024 People’s Choice Awards, E! Live from the Red Carpet: Oscars 2024.

Upcoming Changes to Playout / New Channels: Did not respond.

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  1. A lot of people like myself can’t watch 7Bravo (yes I fit into the age range that 7bravo is aimed at) as nearly 96% of their shows do not have closed caption/subtitles to them. Even some of the shows on 7two don’t have closed caption/subtitles to them but lucky the shows on 7two I would love to watch I can watch on another platform that has subtitles

  2. As an oldy I couldn’t agree more with @Pertinax. Most of the shows listed we watched years ago or some cases decades ago.

    But the main problem I have & I really would like to know why is it so … the “SD” channels are still being broadcast in MPEG format. On larger TV’s they look *crap*. Which is a good reason to not watch any them and as a pensioner we cannot afford multi-thousand dollar TV with “AI” up-scaling.

    Digital TV was introduce way back in 2001, surely after 2 decades these channels should be using MPEG4/H264 even in 1024x576i format today. Doing so might even free up some bandwidth which they could then give to their so called “HD” channels. As for the “HD” channels themselves, isn’t it about time we started to look at using H265? I do accept that this would require upgrades everywhere.

    1. Having run multichannel surveys for over a decade, they are all dominated by rerun content (not just these 4). FAST channels are also built on library / archive shows. It’s primary channels where the bulk of premiere material is scheduled on FTA. That said, there is room for niche audiences on multis and we see that here. For instance 7mate commissions a higher output of local factual than most multis. 7Bravo has brought many US titles to screen that were previosuly behind a paywall. 7mate launched in HD in 2020, and 7Bravo in 2023.

    2. If all the channels were MPEG4, I believe you can fit in 6 HD channels within each networks’ bandwidth. I don’t know why they hang onto these blurry SD channels just so what must now be a very percentage can still see them. I don’t get how for example people can actually watch movies on SD channels on any TV bigger than 30 inches! I’d keep just the main channel in SD for these people, everything else HD including main channel also in HD of course. At some point, TV broadcasting has to move forward. Yes, a few will get left behind with old technology but small TVs that can receive HD, etc are cheap enough now.

  3. 72 — Just what we need, more repeats of Vera, Shetland, Morse, Endeavour, Doc Martin, Father Brown and Call The Midwife. 72 have been promoting S2 of Grace for 3 years now and it is still listed by Britbox as exclusive, as is S3 of Dodds & MacDonald. They are showing S2 of Miss Scarlet & The Duke two years after they announced it and a year after it aired in US ,UK and was streamed. New eps of Father Brown are also on Britbox, Seven are back to repeating S1 from a decade ago. This is all part of a battle between BBC/ITV, Acorn and Alibi for the US and UK markets. Here they just dribble out shows to tease for their streaming services.

  4. Have always thought sevens non main channels have been the unsung heroes. I don’t scrutinies super carefully but the number of times the main channel winner is nine and seven overall are the winner seems quite frequent. That said, seven do seem to pay attention (and invest) in these two multi channels with some decent original content.

  5. So one channel targets Women 18-49 and the other Women 16-54. Who knew 16/17 year olds were into the same content as those in their early 50s – suspect it’s true though both groups avoid 7Flix!

    1. As David alluded to above, looking at the decline in 7flix YoY and 7Bravo’s growth, it’s obvious the channels have cannibalised each other a bit, in no small part thanks to its very similar target demographic (which flix had already established for 7 years and was doing well in 16-39s especially women), but Seven wanted (or were forced) to a Bravo channel when they went after re-signing the expensive NBC-U output deal. It’ll be interesting to see if they persist with flix in its current format and put more effort into it (now that Bravo is more established) – seem to have finally found a bit of a hit every Sunday (and now Monday) with classic ‘Law & Order’ franchise marathons, but what really hurt was taking off Simpsons/FG/AD (perhaps due to target – perform better in younger men) and losing TBBT and Seinfeld to 10’s Peach a few years back. Haven’t quite found a replacement, need to speak to a distributor and score something I reckon.

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