The Block and MKR battle on Wednesday

Nine's reality show best in entertainment. Seven wins Wednesday. 10 tops the demos.

A battle between long-standing reality shows continued last night with another win by Nine in Overnights, although Seven’s Total TV number for last Wednesday kept ahead.

The Block last night drew 555,000 metro viewers, staying in front of MKR‘s 523,000.

Thank God You’re Here led the demos with 464,000 then 7:30 (403,000) and Hard Quiz (400,000).

Numbers were rather low in later slots with Mother & Son (265,000), WTFAQ (218,000) and Inspired Unemployed (Impractical) Jokers (180,000) while Seven and Nine both had staggered schedules due to AFL panel shows.

Seven network won Wednesday with 30.5% then Nine 29.0%, 10 16.7%, ABC 16.1% and SBS 7.7%.

Seven News was #1 at 840,000 / 835,000. The Chase led with 489,000 / 308,000 then Home & Away (443,000). Unbelieveable Moments Caught on Camera was 139,000 then Talking Finals (134,000).

Nine News drew 734,000 / 714,000. A Current Affair scored 656,000 then Hot Seat 351,000 / 225,000. Luxe Listings Sydney drew 166,000 then Footy Classified at 114,000 across the network.

The Project drew 266,000 / 168,000 for 10. 10 News First was 208,000 / 146,000. Five Bedrooms managed 106,000.

ABC News was 565,000. The Drum (127,000) and Starstruck (81,000) followed.

On SBS it was SBS World News (132,000 / 107,000), David Baddiel: Jews Don’t Count (109,000), Treasures of the Adriatic (108,000), and Mastermind (61,000).

Highway Patrol on 7mate led multichannels at 103,000.

Sunrise: 208,000
Today: 184,000
News Breakfast: 93,000 / 44,000

In Total TV numbers last Wednesday were:

The Block: 1.06m
Mother & Son: 570,000
Thank God You’re Here: 825,000
WTFAQ: 431,000
Home & Away: 903,000
MKR: 1.1m

OzTAM Overnights: Wednesday 20 September 2023

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  1. Thank God You’re Here once again delivered massive guffaws in my house. I’m actually pretty upset next week will be the finale, it’s just been brilliant!
    But for the third consecutive week, I’ve found myself staying on 10 for Practical Jokers and I’m shocked that I’ve found that provoking raucous laughter too. I’d typically avoid this kind of MTV fodder but the double hitter has been working.

  2. David, one general question I do have for you – is the ABC planning to screen Season 3 of All Creatures Great and Small before the end of this year, or has it been pushed back to 2024? It is one remake that I think works brilliantly – charming, feel good, fantastic actors etc.

  3. I really tried with this reboot of Mother & Son, but I gave up after the first two episodes – it’s a pale imitation of the original, Denise Scott is no Ruth Cracknell either.
    I honestly haven’t watched an episode of the new Neighbours, I can’t really judge how good or bad it really is.

    1. I have seen a couple of eps as well, and it should not be compared. The original was more of a Sandy Stone (Barry Humphries) character. I love Denise Scott in the new rendition, she brilliantly switches from befuddles to switched on in a millisecond. However I feel the other characters just aren’t at all likeable and the writing is sub par.

    2. 3 episodes in and I’m still waiting for for the laughs….Denise Scott’s comedic talent has always been great…but she is no Ruth Cracknell and Matt Okine is no Arty either…it’s just a waste of time…Denise could have been given her own show with a similar character and it probably would have been more successful and enjoyable…the only thing that tickled my funny bone was the dead roster being resurrected…unlike the show.

  4. What do others make of TGYH? I used to love the show but feel it’s fallen a bit flat. I think the show is a great vehicle for new comedians to get exposure but some of them really struggled to play along and I found some just awkward viewing.

    In a similar manner to the Logies Hall of Fame, where are the female guest judges? They could only think of Judith Lucy?! I hope to see the likes of Magda, Wendy Harmer or Amanda Keller!

    1. I agree…I watched a couple of episodes and the comedy is different now to what is was on the original…I remember Rebel Wilson, Frank Woodley, Angus Sampson, Carl Baron and a lot of other people who appeared…Shane Bourne was host and the only judge was Tom Gleisner…unfortunately some guests are like fish out of water, they remind me of kids being pushed by their pushy parents on stage to perform whether they like it or not…maybe a few female judges like those you suggest could bring it out of the doldrums.

      1. With all the stories on this site around Neighbours return it would certainly be of interest to readers.
        Chase, Hot Seat and Morning TV battles are always listed.

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