The Block, The Hundred win slots but Seven claims Tuesday.

The Block tops entertainment & demos. The Cheap Seats improves on a low lead-in. RFDS strong in Total TV.

With a current timeslot stoush that has spilled into the media, yesterday Nine issued a press release around the dominance of The Block.

It followed up last night with a victory at 621,000 metro viewers and topping all the demos.

That was enough to eclipse MKR (559,000), 7:30 (432,000), Kitchen Cabinet (350,000), Shark Tank (223,000) and Great British Railway Journeys (157,000).

Later a season finale for The Hundred with Andy Lee led with 332,000 then RFDS (324,000) with a big lift in Total TV, The Whiteley Art Scandal (320,000) and The Cheap Seats (306,000).

A second Neighbours episode drew 113,000 / 38,000.

Seven network won Tuesday with 31.6% then Nine 28.4%, ABC 17.2%, 10 14.7% and SBS 8.1%.

Seven News was #1 at 853,000 / 850,000 then The Chase (468,000 / 313,000) and Home & Away (463,000). Ambulance: Code Red was 127,000.

Nine News drew 795,000 / 768,000 for Nine. A Current Affair led with 679,000 then Hot Seat 374,000 / 250,000. Love Triangle was 103,000.

ABC News pulled 584,000 for ABC. Makers of Modern Australia (153,000) and The Drum (134,000) followed.

The Project managed 256,000 / 153,000 then 10 News First was 198,000 / 140,000 then NCIS (113,000).

On SBS it was SBS World News (142,000 / 119,000), Insight (112,000) and Dateline (59,000).

Would I Lie to You? led multichannels at 111,000.

Sunrise: 207,000
Today: 183,000
News Breakfast: 94,000 / 52,000

In Total TV numbers last Tuesday were:

RFDS: 795,000
The Block: 1.08m
MKR: 1.03m
Shark Tank: 419,000
Home & Away: 947,000
Kitchen Cabinet: 648,000

OzTAM Overnights: Tuesday 19 September 2023

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  1. Just caught up on last night’s Kitchen Cabinet and it was wonderful episode that again goes to the heart of your previous article on this show.

    You didn’t have to be a Greens supporter, but just sit back and wallow in the realisation that we don’t walk a mile in the other person’s shoe. A real life insight into the disadvantages that we are often blind too. And what a wonderful young man he was too,

      1. I don’t think it was a party-political issue – the presence of any political figure tends to pull down overall ratings. I remember well when A Current Affair were asked why they did not promote political interviews and the reply was that any such story cut the ratings in half. The viewers like something a bit lighter, unless the appearance is on the Sky After Dark news programs.

          1. That is entirely reasonable and Ten’s flow of content across the night has never been great, hence the call from at least some of us for them to dispense with their 2.5 hour news and current affairs block – it is just too much each night.

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