The Block, The Voice too strong for The Traitors finale.

The Traitors lifts on 2022 finale, but trails the competition. The Newsreader returns for ABC. Nine wins Sunday.

Nine had a winning Sunday thanks to its entertainment and current affairs offerings edging ahead of Seven.

The Block drew 812,000 metro viewers, on par with last week.

That eclipsed The Voice (725,000) up on last Sunday, then from 7:30pm a Death in Paradise replay (349,000) and The Traitors finale 265,000, up on its 2022 finale, and rising to 322,000 for the moment everybody lost.

60 Minutes led with 407,000 then 7News Spotlight (374,000) and the return of The Newsreader (324,000).

Nine network won Sunday with 31.9% then Seven 30.2%, ABC 14.0%, 10 13.7% and 10 10.2%.

Nine News (854,000) was best for Nine with a late edition on 213,000. 9/11 The Fifth Plane was 153,000.

Seven News was #1 at 893,000. The Latest drew 226,000. Born to Kill was 102,000.

ABC News pulled 527,000 for ABC. Compass (126,000) and Mother & Son (100,000) followed.

The Sunday Project was 270,000 / 209,000. 10 News First managed 222,000 / 186,000. FBI was just 135,000 with NCIS: Hawaii at 91,000.

On SBS it was SBS World News (174,000 / 115,000), 9/11: Four Flights (169,000), Unlocking the Secrets of Stonhenge (127,000) and Lost Worlds & Hidden Treasures (77,000).

Insiders led multichannels at 95,000.

In Total TV numbers last Sunday were:

Mother & Son: 243,000
Bay of Fires: 857,000
The Traitors: 412,000
The Block: 1.48m
FBI: 227,000
The Voice: 1.28m
Insiders: 458,000

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 10 September 2023.

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  1. The whole problem I had with the Traitors was the casting. Half of them were “celebrities” and half were average Australians. They might have gotten better ratings if they aired the show later in the year and had no celebrities at all in casting.

    1. That wasn’t as big an issue as I thought it would be – Ash was very entertaining as was Luke when he went out with a blaze of glory.
      I wish Hannah had been selected as an OG traitor along with Sam – if would have been great to see the two of them plot against the group and then against each other. Hannah is pretty sharp.

      The problem with this season was that the cast was so stupid that they didn’t banish a single Traitor on their own (the whole premise of the show). The only one who was eliminated was Ash and that was only because Traitor Sam planned it that way.

  2. I respect 10 giving a chance on their shows, and it has worked – look at HYBPA now a success and The Cheap Seats is also competitive on Tuesdays. However, surely, time is up for The Traitors…10 surely can’t afford to run dead like this again. Unless there is some amazing number we don’t know about (international sales?) but then surely not returning to 7.30 slot on the linear channel.

  3. I really enjoyed the return of the Newsreader on the ABC – it deserved far better ratings last night.
    The Traitors – I have never watched an episode! The previews look bad enough, Roger Corsar prancing around some mansion in a tux.

  4. Ten programming can keep beating their heads against that wall but The Traitors is a bona fide dud. I also very much doubt it is cheap to produce knowing what company makes it.

  5. The Traitors should definitely be renewed, it just needs to be aired in a better slot which isn’t at the same time as Block or MAFS. It was a better series this year, with strong production design and Rodger’s hosting having been upped-a-notch.

    Hopefully if the show does return, they’ll also actually cast more fans of the show, (as well as no, or far less, celebrities) rather than people who’ve never watched it – having more people who know how the game works will lead to both stronger Faithful and better traitors.

    1. Hard to find primetime slots that are not against Block, MAFS, Voice, Lego etc. So you’re either looking January / December or a late slot. It’s great the show has a small loyal following, but two seasons now and it has struggled in this market.

      1. Assuming that next years TV schedule looks like this years (which is unlikely), I think that it could work being sloted in after Celeb (May into June) could be ideal with fewer bigger shows.

        Of course that’s if 10 are willing to delay MasterChef.

        Otherwise agree on end of year (even then not perfect with the sports at the back end)

    2. The first season was way better. Did you actually watch this season? The Faithfuls were all morons who let themselves be manipulated by Sam and had one plenty of chances to banish him but didn’t. The Traitors won’t be coming back it’ll be too expensive to produce a third season. Especially with the ratings so low this year.

  6. When 9 Melb shoved the NRL on the main channel, look at the ratings. Putting the NRL on main channel in Melb is doing irrevocable damage to its News ratings. Even though there was no AFL being played yesterday, 7 continued to smash 9 News in the ratings. And Saturday there’s an NRL match being played in NZ. Now I’m worried that this will continue to suffer through the ratings on Saturday twilight.

  7. This is hopeful l thinking (faithful thinking perhaps), but unless 10 have the next big reality hit lined up, I will bet that they will renew Traitors – even if it’s a 10play or Paramount+ exclusive.

    Up on last year (if slightly), cheep to produce (not cheep looking but minimal moving pieces, short filming run – looks to be 9 eps filmed in 10 days), devoted fan-base (while small, I see the crowd that watches being the type that will be drawn to 10Play with the international versions made available on 10Play), and international sales of the Aussie version.

    Yes I sound like a schmuck trying to convince myself of a show I like coming back but I honestly think there’s enough there to renew.

      1. Look I’m down for more Traitors any time and anywhere.

        Maybe a change of location to fit that end of the year too – less Agatha Christie country manor murder mystery. Maybe a move l resort up in North Queensland to fit the summer run and to give it a more modern murder mystery vibe

        Of course, while maintaining the smart game format, with a smarter, more game oriented cast than this year’s lot.

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