2024 Upfronts: 10 / Paramount+

Robert Irwin, Grant Denyer, Poh Ling Yeow & TV revivals including Deal or No Deal, Ready Steady Cook, Gladiators in 2024 -but new Drama is all on Paramount+.

  • Robert Irwin joins Julia Morris for I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here
  • Grant Denyer hosts Deal or No Deal
  • Miguel Maestre to host Ready Steady Cook reboot
  • Gladiators screens in summer
  • Graham Norton hosts Wheel of Fortune Australia
  • Paramount+: Top Gear Australia, NCIS: Sydney, Paper Dolls, Fake, Aussie Shore 
  • Returning: Australian Survivor, MasterChef, Hunted, Masked Singer, Amazing Race: Celebrity.

New hosts and a round of revival shows have been unveiled this morning in the first of 10 / Paramount’s 2024 ‘intimate’ Upfronts to media buyers and press.

Robert Irwin will co-host I’m a Celebrity with Julia Morris for a 10th season, filmed in Africa. Grant Denyer also returns to 6pm with a new version of Deal or No Deal, to follow a trimmed, 60 minute edition of 10 News First.

Miguel Maestre will host a reboot of Ready, Steady Cook on Friday nights while UK-filmed episodes of Wheel of Fortune Australia sees Graham Norton with Aussie contestants, in primetime.

MasterChef Australia sees Poh Ling Yeow join Andy Allen, Sofia Levin, and Jean-Christophe Novelli, to be followed by a second season of Dessert Masters.

The year kicks off with Gladiators in summer before Australian Survivor: Titans v Rebels. Also returning are Hunted, The Masked Singer, Shark Tank, Thank God You’re Here and Amazing Race Australia: Celebrity.

Concerningly however, there is no primetime Drama for 10 (save for Neighbours repeats on 10 Peach), with new Scripted projects all assigned to subscription platform Paramount+: NCIS: Sydney and Paper Dolls in 2023, followed  by Fake and more Last King of The Cross in 2024.

They join a reboot of Top Gear Australia hosted by Blair Joscelyne, Beau Ryan and Jonathan LaPaglia and reality series Aussie Shore.


New in 2024:

Hosted by Beau Ryan and Liz Ellis to screen over summer, produced by Warner Bros. The cast includes athlete and coach Harriet Roberts (Arrow), bodybuilder Jaymi-Lee Morris (Chaos), athlete and TED speaker Damien Gilbert Rider (Cobra), two-time Ninja Warrior Tatyanna Pogonza-Dumas (Comet), fitness coach Blessings Chilufya (Cyclone), Commonwealth Games athlete and CrossFit games athlete Alethea Boon (Elektra), stuntwoman and MMA fighter Chanique Greyling (Halo), bodybuilder Kwame Duah (Maximus), former NRL player Sandor Earl (Phoenix), CrossFit Games athlete and former Australian hockey player Katelin Marks (Raven), CrossFit Games athlete Khan Porter (Spartan) and Australian ironman Jett Kenny (Viking).

Deal or No Deal
Gane show is set to screen at 6pm weeknights following a one hour edition of 10 News First. Grant Denyer said: “We’re back baby! I’m incredibly excited produced by Endemol Shine Australia to be bringing this global mega-format back to Aussie screens. It’s an absolute gem of a show with an enormous and much-deserved worldwide following. Deal or No Deal is steeped in suspense and loaded with risk at every turn, but there’s always the chance of massive riches for contestants who can hold their nerve. Suspense, risk and big money – those are the key ingredients that will ensure everyone is on the edge of their couch.”

Wheel of Fortune Australia
Hosted by Graham Norton and produced by Whisper North, to screen in primetime.
“I’m beyond excited to be bringing such an iconic American show to Australia with Network 10. Hosting game shows is brilliant fun and even more so when you have a giant wheel to spin! This show has it all, mixing skill, luck and lots of surprises and I hope the Australian audience loves it.”

Ready Steady Cook
Miguel Maestre to host food show revival on Friday nights.


I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here!
Robert Irwin joins host Julia Morris in Africa, produced by ITV Studios Australia. Robert Irwin said: “It’s a huge honour to be the new co-host of I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!. I can’t wait to plunge back into the incredible African jungle and introduce our celebrities to the magnificent wildlife that call the jungle home. Most of all, I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to work alongside the incredibly kind and talented Julia Morris. Crikey! This is going to be a wild ride!”
Julia Morris said: “I am absolutely overjoyed by the appointment of my spectacular new co-host, Robert Irwin. Audiences will be peaking at how much fun we have in store. You might think Robert and I are an unlikely duo, but it turns out we’re a magical combination! Season 10, here we come!”

Australian Survivor: Titans v Rebels
Hosted by Jonathan LaPaglia in Samoa, the Titans are “both physically intimidating and utterly ruthless”, while the Rebels are “a group of individuals who live life by a different set of rules.”

MasterChef Australia
Andy Allen returns with new judges Poh Ling Yeow, food critic and journalist Sofia Levin, and multi–Michelin Star award-winning chef, Jean-Christophe Novelli.

Dessert Masters
Melissa Leong returns with pastry chef Amaury Guichon (2023 season debuts November 12).

The Amazing Race Australia: Celebrity Edition
Hunted Australia
Thank God You’re Here
Have You Been Paying Attention?
The Cheap Seats
Thank God You’re Here
Gogglebox Australia
Taskmaster Australia
Bondi Rescue
Ambulance Australia
Mirror Mirror
The Dog House Australia
Dogs Behaving (Very) Badly
The Bachelors Australia
Shark Tank Australia
The Masked Singer Australia
The Project

10 News First (plus late night bulletin)


NCIS: Sydney (Nov 10)
Dropping November 10, NCIS: Sydney is the first-ever series from the global NCIS franchise to be shot outside the United States. Filmed against the spectacular backdrop of one of the world’s most breathtaking harbour cities, NCIS: Sydney follows the high-octane adventures of a multinational task comprising NCIS agents and members of the Australian Federal Police as they police the most contested patch of ocean on Earth.

Paper Dolls (Dec 7)
Dust off your velour tracksuits because Paper Dolls is set to premiere on Paramount+ on December 7. This captivating eight-part drama explores the meteoric rise and tumultuous fall of Harlow, a fictional girl-group born of the world of reality television. Featuring a dazzling cast of emerging talent, Paper Dolls promises a nostalgic journey into the world of Y2K pop culture while offering a revealing exploration of the less glamorous aspects of fame.

Top Gear Australia
Car enthusiast Blair Joscelyne hosts 8 part series with Beau Ryan and Jonathan LaPaglia produced by BBC Studios Australia.
Blair Joscelyne said: “It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity when you get asked to be part of one of the biggest motoring shows in the world. And I will take my job seriously of frying the tyres of any vehicle that the producers are irresponsible enough to hand me the keys to.” Beau Ryan said: “I’m super excited to be part of such an iconic franchise and can’t wait to bring it back to Australia. So, fasten your seatbelts, because this is going to be one hell of a ride!” Jonathan LaPaglia said: “When Network 10 and BBC Studios asked me if I’d be interested traveling all over the world to test really cool cars and behave like an idiot I said, ‘Of course I’m interested. Where do I sign? Top Gear is arguably the biggest (and greatest) car show ever and as a massive fan I used to fantasise being on it one day as a guest racing the Reasonably Priced Car around their test track. I waited, that call never came. But 20 years later someone at Top Gear HQ screwed up, confused me with someone else, and asked me to be the host of Top Gear Australia? Buckle up, this could get bumpy!'”

If you love a thrilling drama, the upcoming premium event series Fake is unmissable. Starring Asher Keddie and David Wenham and inspired by Stephanie Wood’s bestselling book, this eight-part series delivers a gripping meditation on love in a world of lies and deceit. Fake follows Birdie Bell (Keddie), a brilliant magazine features writer who thinks she’s found ‘the one’ when she meets successful grazier Joe Burt (Wenham) on a dating app. Bringing Birdie’s world to life on screen is a stellar Australian cast featuring Heather Mitchell, Nicholas Brown and Spencer McLaren.

Aussie Shore
Bringing a big dose of Australian flair to the iconic MTV ‘Shores’ franchise, Aussie Shore is ready to make a mighty splash. Starting with Jersey Shore, MTV’s hit franchise has expanded to multiple global destinations including Geordie Shore (England), Warsaw Shore (Poland), Rio Shore (Brazil) and Acapulco Shore in Mexico. Aussie Shore guarantees to be a worthy addition to the line-up. Stay tuned for updates… and get ready to immerse yourself in the distinctive party culture that will be unique to Aussie Shore.

Last King of The Cross S2
The highly-anticipated second season of Last King of The Cross returns as Paramount+’s most-watched local original series. The series’ gripping narrative, complex characters, and explosive action has earned it international recognition, cementing its status as a must-watch series on the platform.

The Inspired Unemployed (Impractical) Jokers
Jack, Falcon, Liam and Dom jointly said: “We are beyond ecstatic that there will be a second season of The Inspired Unemployed (Impractical) Jokers. We’ve said from the start that having our own TV show was the ultimate goal, so to be given the opportunity to create a second season is incredibly gratifying. We’ve been overwhelmed with the positive feedback we’ve received from the first season, and we can’t wait to do it all again. More laughs, more cringe, more awkwardness – the four of us couldn’t be more excited for what is to come.”

AFC Asian Cup
Emirates FA Cup


The Traitors
Five Bedrooms
Location, Location, Location Australia
Studio 10
Would I Lie to You?
The Betoota Advocate presents
The Living Room

(NB: International titles here)


Which new 10 / Paramount show are you most looking forward to?

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67 Responses

  1. Robert Irwin…nope…Miguel Maestre…double nope.. Hunted are you kidding me? What a load of crap. At least Traitors was more interesting and had a great ending.

  2. What a great Upfronts! Robert Irwin co-hosting celeb jungle show, Grant presenting Deal or No Deal, Wheel of Fortune with Graham Norton and Ready Steady Cook.

  3. Looking forward to Gladiators, can’t wait for Ready, Steady Cook (Miguel will do a great job), so glad Grant Denyer is hosting another game show, sad that Melissa is leaving Masterchef, but I’m glad that Poh is going to be one of the new judges, disappointed that The Living Room isn’t coming back next year and I hope The Traitors is coming back.

  4. So are the Paramount shows eventually coming to 10? I think I read that a while back. With the actors strike still going on will be a good opportunity for 10 to show them as we don’t know when shows will be coming back. Disappointed Thank God You’re Here isn’t coming back I thought it rated well.

  5. Miguel Maestre to host Ready Steady Cook reboot…….yes, works for me…but then…Friday nights….I dont think that will wash?…..and Graham Norton…no way…..i guess I wont be flipping to 9 news at 6 anymore.

  6. Robert Irwin is a good get – ch7 won’t be happy if he can’t cover Sam Macs weather on sunrise anymore!

    Whilst grant is a natural fit, was hoping for someone fresh for DOND (such as Carrie when her name was floated).

    Shame to not a see more of an evening change up with the schedule too.

    Also hoping to see a big new (or revived) format of reality to take on the struggling Sunday nights.

    WOF won’t do well in prime – not with Grahame.
    Surprised gladiators is in summer – and the Bachelors in ratings period?

  7. Seeing that the 5 hosts all wore the same clothes in all 7 forty minute eps, Shark Tank Australia looks like it’s a very cheap show to make for Ten, so they were probably all recorded on a Saturday or Sunday.
    Top Gear Australia could be a good way to showcase electric cars, now that more are coming on to the Aus market.

  8. Man, 10 just dropped the entertainment bomb for the next year! Their lineup is massive and crazy creative. If they push these shows right, they might just pull back the people who ditched TV. Grant Denyer at 6 pm? Absolutely. 10’s all about the young or young at heart—anyone else can stick to the 6 pm news. I mean, if you’re still glued to the news on the main two channels, your taste buds need a serious check. And please, keep ‘Thank God You’re Here’ running all year long. That is hands down the best shows on TV.

  9. Hope those boys have extensive driving lessons before hitting the Top Gear tracks. Looking forward to TENs line up, always looks good on ‘paper’, hope the audience follows.

  10. We’re a dead duck on Sundays nights with Graham Norton.

    I’ve got a great idea!
    Let him host Wheel Of Fortune, so we can tank another night as well!

    1. Yep agree, can’t stand him and no idea why we don’t have an Aussie host, it’s not like there aren’t enough people Ten could have picked from but they went with a dud.

  11. Was hoping Traitors AU would get another season similar to the Love Island AU treatment on 9 (streaming exclusive with international sales). Disappointing to see it absent while seeing Shark Tank(ed in the ratings) survive when both were airing at the same time and the latter did much worse.

    1. I agree. I enjoyed Shark Tank well enough… but Traitors was appointment viewing.

      I hope that Traitors is something that gets announced latter (as was the case with a few of this year’s shows on Ch10).

    2. The problem with the traitors was at it core it’s a rubbish game. It’s a hugely one sided affair that basically involved a small amount of strategy on the over powered side, and the bulk of the game was people making random guesses based on absolutely nothing. The only mystery about it was how was it renewed for a second season, and why the overseas versions seem to do ok in their home territories.

  12. So we have:
    * Fake
    * Have You Been Paying Attention?
    * Taskmaster (AU)
    * Thank God You’re Here
    * The Cheap Seats

    When/if they come to Ten:
    * Last King of The Cross
    * Paper Dolls (unlikely though)

    The rest … no way, which is still more than we watch on 7 or 9.

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