7News Spotlight: Oct 15

Natalie Barr sits down with Kathleen Folbigg, recenty pardoned by the NSW Governor after 20 years behind bars.

7NEWS Spotlight has a world exclusive interview this Sunday as Natalie Barr sits down with Kathleen Folbigg, who was pardoned by the NSW Governor after serving 20 years for the deaths of her 4 children.

In 2021 a petition signed by more than 100 eminent scientists indicated their deaths could be explained as the effects of very rare genetic factors.

Folbigg, who always maintained her innocence, is yet to apply for her conviction to be quashed.

Depending on what you believe, Kathleen Folbigg is either a monstrous serial killer who smothered her four defenceless babies, or the victim of the greatest miscarriage of justice since Lindy Chamberlain.

Either way, Folbigg did 20 years behind bars for crimes she has always strenuously denied.

She was 36 years old when she was sent to prison for the deaths of her four children – Caleb, Patrick, Sarah and Laura – who all died in mysterious circumstances between the ages of 19 days and 19 months.

Prosecutors argued Folbigg was resentful and couldn’t cope with the endless demands of motherhood. While Folbigg always maintained her innocence, it was her own diary entries that would lead to a conviction.

Then, earlier this year with just five years remaining on her sentence, Folbigg was dramatically released after new scientific evidence uncovered a possible alternative explanation for the children’s deaths.

She has been pardoned but not yet exonerated.

So, what’s the truth?

In this 7NEWS Spotlight world exclusive to air on Sunday at 7.00pm on Channel 7 and 7plus, Australians will finally get the full story as documented by trial records of evidence and, for the first time ever, hear from Folbigg herself, as she sits down with the Seven Network’s Natalie Barr for the interview of the year.

Plus, the emotional interview with Lindy Chamberlain-Creighton and revelations she’s never shared, as the similarities between her and Folbigg’s cases are exposed.

And the team of Aussie scientists who put their reputations on the line to fight for Folbigg’s freedom explain the genetic breakthrough that could now have implications in similar cases around the world.

7pm Sunday on Seven.

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