Axed: The Traitors -no decision on Five Bedrooms

Plus no decision on Location Location Location Australia and Would I Lie to You?

The Traitors is not returning to 10 in 2024.

Network 10 sources confirmed to TV Tonight the show would not be back in 2024, but could return at some point in the future.

The Endemol Shine series, hosted by Rodger Corser, has screened for two seasons to disappointing ratings despite some online buzz from devoted fans.

Around the world the format is winning awards and finding a legion of fans.

10 also confirmed no decision as yet on Five Bedrooms, which has screened for 4 seasons across 10 / Paramount+.

10 stll has one more season of the Hoodlum Entertainment drama to play on Free to Air which, it has to be said, comes with a pretty satisfactory conclusion.

Sources also confirmed no decision yet on Location Location Location Australia and Would I Lie to You?

However “no decision” tends to be a favourite phrase for the network, including for shows that have never returned.

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  1. I’m only just now getting into the Traitors. It’s such a shame that they’re axing it! It was something different for 10, which they need. It’s also, as mentioned in the article, successful overseas. So much potential. Season 2 was not received well, but I believe with better execution it has a lot of potential. This is a game where casting is really important, you want people who know how to play the game. Hopefully they do bring it back.

  2. That’s too bad about The Traitors. I thought it was a pretty good show. But I really hope TEN brings back Location, Location, Location and WILTY? because that’s a pretty funny show.

  3. The Traitors was my favourite show. It’s a shame it wasn’t successful here despite being popular in the UK. I wish the ABC had bigger funding like the BBC to produce quality shows.

  4. Yet the block continues to rate highly, so much so that it will be back for season 20. Yes 20. Seems scott cam and shelly craft have no plans to stop hosting the show anytime soon. For one thing they would be paid well. They definitely get bums on seats to watch nightly or the suppliers would not want to give away priducts and services for free, easier than traditional advertising, or to advertise during the show, eg hipages. People definitely tune on for the drama and the room reveals. I am not sure i agree with your comments on the show being a mess but even if that were true, it is entertaining. Other shows like Traitors dont really get to the heart of why people are there and their true natures.

  5. That’s a shame, Roger really made the series and constantly chewed on the scenery. I still think that the identities of the traitors should remain a secret and have more incentives to sabotage challenges ala The Mole as this would engage viewers more to work out who the traitors really are.

  6. Disappointed that The Traitors won’t be back. Loved both seasons. Faithfuls v traitors didn’t work . That must be why channel 10 axed it. Hopefully 7 or 9 will pick it up.

  7. A little disappointed The Traitors missed out on new season..I don’t watch a lot of FTA., so I guess Survivor Au and The Newsreader is pretty much it for me.

  8. The success/failure of The Traitors offers a bit of an insight into just what works in our local FTA market and how niche/odd it can be.
    It’s pretty clear that if this version was the only one available on BBC, it would be a massive hit in the UK.
    It’s pretty easy to highlight a few flaws as the reason for its failure but, have you seen The Block lately? Hardly flawless (and often weird muddled or boring IMO)

    1. I have caught the odd episode of the block this year as someone in the house has put it on.

      I’ve never had the highest opinion of The Block, but feels like such a sloppy mess of a show in terms of the edited product (the room reveals are a poorly edited mess, with the visual of the judges seeing the room, while having a Scott Cam narration of almost exactly what the judges say. The repetition of “big dramatic” scenes, the fluff that it put in the show, where I feel like it is basically happening in real time).

      Even among people passionate about renovations, I struggle to see how people are entertained by it.

  9. I agree with I love tv. My initial reaction to Traitors being axed was Noooooooo. I only got into it this season. I did try and watch the first season last year and didn’t get into it. But loved it this year and have gone back to watch 1st season. I think it would of been better if the traitors were not identified to the audience. They should of left their masks and cloaks when shooting the meetings they had . I also think that the young guy who was in marketing as a traitor that he will be snapped up for another tv program.

    1. If everybody is scratching their heads when somebody from MAFS turns up as a celebrity for another show, and its basically the most popular show on Australian television nobody will give a flying fig about somebody from a show that had dire ratings.

  10. I’m crushed at this. Absolutely loved it. I got through to the final round for possibly getting on season 2 but didn’t make it (damn celebrities…) and was determined to get on S3. Such a good show.

  11. Disappointed, but not surprised about The Traitors. I keep trying to tell my friends about how good it is, but it is one of those shows people just don’t seem interested in. I think with some tweaking, it could still be an amazing format still.

  12. The format has some critical flaws imo. What are they supposed to use to find the traitors? the first season, the faithful were only using the body language from day 1 for half the season.
    The narrative of Faithfuls vs traiors did not work, What is the motive for faithful to weed out the traitors and vice versa? especially when recruitment is brought in when a traitor is eliminated. If i was a Faithful and was certain about a traitor I would keep them around until close to the end, and if i was a traitor, i’d be undermining the other traitors. it should be presented as an individual game.

    I think its about time The Mole was given another run, the format makes much more sense.

    1. I totally agree, I made a similar comment a few days ago that the game itself is rubbish. Basically if your a traitor you can pretty much do what you want and get rid of anybody basically when ever you feel like it, and if your a faithful all you can do is random guesses based on absolutely nothing and is pretty much near impossible that another 8 or 9 people happen to be making the same random guess as you even if your right. I am stumped by some of the comments that turn up on here in support of the show when there is more strategy and game play in five minutes of survivor then an entire season of this.

  13. S3 of Five Bedrooms wasn’t great and they ended all the stories in S4. That will likely get a 10 airing for local points. But the show is nolonger part of Paramount Global’s plan for global domination.

  14. The people behind The Living Room must be laughing knowing how bad Love It or List It was received……. sorry the hosts were the wrong people for the show ….. they seem to put everything on for the camera …..

  15. I am sure Seven or Nine will pick up the Traitors in future years. They all seem to take old reality shows that never worked or had a good run and revive them at some point.

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