Five Bedrooms: “We absolutely ensured it might be a satisfying ending”

With no word on a fifth season, Five Bedrooms fans will have to settle on S4 as a natural curtain call.


10 expects to screen Season Four of Five Bedrooms later this year following its 2023 screening on Paramount+.

But fans are yet to learn if the much-loved show will be renewed for more.

Creator Michael Lucas tells TV Tonight producers looked to a conclusion in case it would serve as the finale.

“We thought it was a very strong likelihood that the fourth might be the end. So we absolutely ensured it might be a satisfying ending. If they rang us and said, ‘Let’s do another one, we would do it.’

“Definitely there have been conversations with Paramount in Australia but that’s just one piece of the puzzle. There’s also all the international broadcasters. There’s also the fact that shows get more expensive, the more seasons you go on because the cast are out of option, and all sorts of things like that.

“So it’s not that they haven’t rung, I think they’d be interested. It’s just whether it can all be put together and the longer it goes…..

“Also there has been a change at Paramount+. We worked with (Drama exec) Rick Maier there who has now stepped into another role.

“When we had the wrap party we made sure we did all the big speeches looking at all 4 seasons. And in this day and age it’s amazing that we got 4 seasons.”

Dan Monaghan, SVP Content & Programming Paramount ANZ told TV Tonight, “It’s sort of wrapped up really nicely. We haven’t commissioned one yet and if you saw the last episode of the fourth season it was lovely.

“We get so many calls to keep going. It’s kind of got that Offspring mentality, albeit in a different time, where people just want more and more.”

Michael Lucas, currently working on S3 of The Newsreader, added, “I feel it’s most likely Season 4 was the end of Five Bedrooms but from our perspective if they managed to piece it together we would do more.”

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    1. Exactly. Quality show that never built a sizeable audience with its streaming first deal for later seasons. As ever, 10s erratic programming of it for free to air didn’t help.

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