By screening in a later slot, The Project picked up more viewers….

Nearly 90,000 more viewers for Project when it screened in a later than usual slot.

Who knew?

A rare scheduling move last night drew an interesting result for The Project by lifting nearly 90,000 viewers.

Screening at 8pm (in Sydney & Melbourne) The Sunday Project averaged 261,000 metro viewers.

That was up on the previous Sunday’s 176,000 -a benefit of 85,000.

Of course it also enjoyed a stronger lead in, thanks to a Matildas match.

Media has recently posed the question around what might happen if the show were moved to a late night slot?

“Would a move to 9.30pm work? The biggest challenge would be to make sure that it starts at the same time each night,” critic Colin Vickery recently told TV Tonight.

“But as we have seen with Have You Been Paying Attention? a move to later at night can be liberating. A show can be edgier. It can be a bit more risqué. It can be a bit more adult. Maybe that is just the jolt that The Project needs to get its mojo back.”

Last week 10 confirmed the show would return with a revamped lead in, with Grant Denyer to host Deal or No Deal in 2024.

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  1. If this is the only time it’s happened so far then yeah, I think we need a few more data points to see if it really was the time slot move or the Matildas but it is an interesting observation.

  2. I stopped watching The Project as soon as Georgie Coghlan left. She was my fave. I was never a fan of Carrie Bickmore. Or Peter Hellier. I do like Waleed. I also like Sarah Harris, but still wont watch the show per se. As for The Cheap Seats, thats all the show is; C h e a p. I will not watch it. I cant handle the hosts/presenters. I certainly cant handle the female. She is N o t funny. I think she is extremely pompous. As for Have You Been Paying Attention; I only like Ed Kavalee, Sam Pang. As for the other guest panelists, they are hit and miss for me. The only good and decent comedy is play on words. Mocking is Not funny in the slightest. Not sure if I like or not Grant Denyer. Re news; I see channel 9 afternoon news, then part of channel 10, then 9.Evening News Or 7. Then channel 2 if Ive missed anything. Works for me. And or channel 9 or 7 Late News.

  3. Biggest problem with The Project at 6.30 pm is that they are up against the major news bulletins on the commercial channels and ABC TV at 7pm with all the rusted on news junkies. The Project at 9.30 pm would have the news, comedy and current affairs space to itself. A time when people can sit down and watch a chatty funny news show. 10 really need to do a test run over Summer. The Project really gets lost at 6.30.

  4. The Matilda’s game was a massive factor as the lead in but it’s correct that if you can fix your 6-7pm with new programming which would lift your 7.30pm offering then The Project at- let’s say 8.40pm or 9pm would lift.

    I think it’s long overdue for The Project to be axed though and something fresh to evolve. The bias around the program is much like Q&A you can’t wash it off once it sticks with audiences so it’s forever going to be a uphill battle gaining a wider audience the show enjoyed in its earlier years.

  5. Calm down.

    Agree that 523,000 as a good lead-in was the major contributor.

    I would also expect The Project to do better than Graham Norton in the same timeslot.

    Probably also helped that 1% Club also conveniently finished at 8pm, with 160,000 jettisoning the network not wanting to watch another carbon copy Border Security.

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