Daryl Somers: “I am happy to hand the Mirror Ball over to Chris.”

Daryl Somers ends a 10 season run hosting one of the biggest entertainment shows of the past two decades, as Seven looks to new horizons.

Daryl Somers has confirmed rumours that Chris Brown will host Dancing with the Stars for Seven next year.

Industry rumours have been rife for several months that Brown might take to the dance floor alongside Kruger, particularly after both hosted the Logie Awards red carpet.

On his Hey Hey it’s Saturday Facebook page, Somers told fans, “Hi all. Just want to confirm the speculation that I will not be hosting Dancing With The Stars in 2024.

“Seven let me know recently that they have signed Chris Brown to the network full-time and amongst his commitments he will be hosting DWTS.

“I realise how fortunate I have been to have had such a long and wonderful run with the programme. Over a twenty year span, starting in 2004, I have completed ten series, the last one being a huge ratings success. Off the back of that I am happy to hand the Mirror Ball over to Chris and wish him all the very best. He should enjoy working with a great team both in front of and behind the camera.

“While I shall miss the fun of working with my Gold Logie buddy Sonia, the quick-witted Todd McKenney and Mark Wilson ‘On The End’, I am now unencumbered to pursue the projects I put on hold during Covid and shall have some exciting news on that score early next year.

“I’d like to publicly thank Andrew Backwell and Angus Ross at Seven for their ongoing support and for commissioning Hey Hey It’s 50 Years! in 2021, and the five primetime specials that followed.

“Warmest regards, Daryl.”

Somers has indeed enjoyed a stellar run with the DWTS brand pulling in extraordinary ratings of over 2.2m at its peak.

After launching in 2004, he departed the show in 2007, replaced by Daniel MacPherson, with Shane Bourne, Grant Denyer and Amanda Keller in subsequent seasons.

Sonia Kruger has thus far co-hosted 14 seasons for Seven, now produced by BBC Studios Australia.

Hopefully as a Gold Logie winner she is finally afforded equal hosting duties with Brown on the floor, rather than being relegated to ‘backstage comments’ from on high.

Seven will unveil its 2024 Upfront on Wednesday.

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  1. So the rumours DWTS was brought back in 2023 to give Chris something to do at 7, but a HR blunder meant he was still signed to 10 for the filming dates seems more true now. Daryll got a bonus season and CB got months of free network contract pay.

    This job seems like it was made for Luke Jacobs, especially after winning the all star season.

    1. Respectfully I often find a lot of people add 2+2 and it equals 5. There’s no evidence for this. Brown’s contract started when he finished at 10 mid year, so I don’t see where there are months of free or any blunder.

    2. Chris Brown did host the Logies Red Carpet just days into his new contract, and is probably filming the new renovation show “Dream Home”. So not quite a free ride for Brown.

  2. Thank god for that. Daryl Somers has had a wonderful career but he doesnt seem to have adapting to the new generation unlike some of the other hosts of his generation

  3. Daryl has been very lackluster as a host of that show for several years now. His “jokes” are more cringe than funny.

    Having said that, I don’t find Chris Brown has much personality so I’m not exactly excited that he’ll be hosting DWTS instead.

    1. I think the Gold Logie ‘bidding’ exercise that he tried to pull off when he presented that award, didn’t help. That was bizarre and unnecessary.

  4. Daryl will go down in history as host with the highest ratings. Daniel, Grant, Amanda, Shane and Chris will never eclipse the numbers Daryl delivered so he can always hold his head up high.

    1. There would hardly be a long-running show anywhere that has maintained figures from long ago in the present day. While DS may have hosted the show’s highest rating seasons, the landscape continues to evolve making those sort of ratings unattainable now no matter who is hosting.

  5. I don’t understand this obsession with Chris Brown… he is a very mediocre presenter at best… I can just see him holding the Gold Logie very shortly. That’ll do me.

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