Friday Flashback: Home on 10 promo

You're at home on TEN in 1983...

It may be Upfronts for 10 this week, but no hope for a Network ident like 1983’s “Home on TEN”

You’ll spot quite a few familiar and retro faces in this one.

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  1. As a kid I lived for 7 and 10s yearly network promo. And the news promo. “Nobody Knows News Like 7” went on and on for years with so many versions. Dramatic music, slow music, no music, fast and slow. I loved it.
    My favourite promo of all time would be one from ABC America. It’s on YouTube: “ABC Promo 1981 Now is the time ABC is the place”. ABC was on fire in the late 70s/80s and for the first time #1.
    10 could easily use it replacing ABC with Network 10.

  2. Quite a few old faces in there David, a few who have since passed. I noted Kevin Miles who play Godfrey Carson in Carson’s Law… I’ve never been able to establish if he is still alive or not… so you happen to know?

  3. Wonder how a 2024 version would go?

    You’re at home on Ten … You’ll know it when
    Beau, Osher or JLP … is all that you see
    Or Jamie Oliver in an emergency …

  4. We’ve had a few good network promos over the years, a couple based on overseas formats as I recall.

    One of my favourites was the NBC The Place To Be promo for the start of the new season in October 1990. I was in the US when I first saw one of youtube.com/watch?v=_u_VvGzVlMU&ab_channel=ApotheounSAK

    And my all time favourite, the BBC One Bring Me Sunshine promo from a few years ago.

  5. “Brian told me, I know everything I need to know ’cause Brian told me so”. When 9 Sydney and Melbourne newsreaders were Brian Henderson and Brian Naylor.

  6. I love the old idents. This was the first time Ten in Melbourne in Sydney used the same theme. But different versions (with different stars and different logos on the end). Brisbane was still channel 0 so did not use it. Did Adelaide use this one? Perth channel ten did not exist.

  7. They really don’t make full network collab videos like this anymore, and you’d normally see them every year just after Christmas and into the new year set to some daggy song like the “In the Mood” channel 7 promo.

  8. We didn’t get our own 10 until May 20 1988 here in Perth, and unless I missed it the event went by pretty unacknowledged. Most of these shows were spread across our only 2 commercial stations 7 and 9, but glad we caught up 🙂

  9. I used to hate it back in the day when Johnny Young would show up in your lounge room and tried to conduct the family with a pen that was laying about.

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