Love Island 2023: new singles

4 new singles ready for action in 9Now / Nine series.

Top: Kale, Reid
Bottom: Lucinda, Abby

Love Island is set to screen on Nine after all, confirmed for its first week, following 7:30 entertainent shows The Block (Mon) and My Mum Your Dad (Tues / Wed).

But it will be available on 9Now from 6pm AEDT.

There are also 4 new names revealed, added to previously-announced cast.

Lucinda Strafford, who was in a UK Love Island series is the first UK ex-Islander to be part of an Australian series.

Reid and Kale are both from the Gold Coast. Reid has the largest social media following of all the male Islanders this season.

Meanwhile Abby was seeing Kirra’s sister’s TV husband Harrison Boon on Married at First Sight, and caused drama at their wedding.

Alex Mavroidakis, Creative Director of ITV Studios Australia, said: “If you want to kick start your summer with loads of drama, loads of LOLs and more sexy bods than you can shake a bikini at, then Love Island Australia is the place for you! This season is so unexpected, so exciting, so funny and SO noisy and there is more than one world-first. It’s only fair to warn all Australians … proceed with caution … watch one episode of Love Island Australia and you WILL be hopelessly hooked!”

Brighton, UK
Influencer and Online Fashion Boutique Owner
“This time I want someone to be obsessed with me, and me only.”

Gold Coast, QLD
Personal Trainer and Model
“I may have slept with some of my personal training clients before… maybe.”

Gold Coast, QLD
“I look like a bad boy, but I am actually the best boyfriend. I like taking girls out for dates and doing fun spontaneous stuff.”

Sydney, NSW
Makeup Artist
“My longest relationship was a year and a half. But they all cheated, so not much luck. Maybe it’s because I’ve gone for men over 30, and I need to change that.

6pm AEDT Monday October 30 on 9Now / 8:40pm on Nine.

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