SBS Ombudsman investigating The Point interview

Heated interview between No campaigner Warren Mundine and Yes campaigner Marcia Langton has drawn a small number of complaints to SBS.

SBS Ombudsman Amy Stockwell is investigating a small number of complaints following an interview on NITV’s The Point on the night of the Referendum.

In the heated interview between former SBS Board Member and No campaigner Warren Mundine hit out at Yes campaigner Marcia Langton.

“I’m not going to take any comments from a person who thinks that we are a racist country, and that we are racist people,” he said.

Host Narelda Jacobs interjected, defending “national treasure” Marcia Langton whose “words were twisted”.

Langton denied claims that she branded No voters “racist” or “stupid” while speaking at a referendum event in Bunbury earlier this month, clarifying her quotes were taken out of context.

Speaking in Senate Estimates yesterday SBS Managing Director James Taylor confirmed the broadcaster had received 8 complaints under its code of practice.

“Right at the moment, the SBS Ombudsman is independently deliberating on that program. It would be unhelpful if I expressed a specific view about elements of the program. And I appreciate your patience in that regard to allow me to comply with their own processes,” he said.

“That was a very, very robust exchange between two prominent indigenous leader. The hosts of that program were using their best efforts to ensure the conversation remained constructive, fact-based and safe for all the participants. The full interview has been available on YouTube and people can form their own views about the way in which the interview was conducted and the conduct of various participants.

“I can’t say anything more Senator because I would like the Ombudsman the opportunity to quietly deliberate on program.”