Narelda Jacobs takes long service leave

"I've been at the network for 23 years, taking days off here and there," says 10's Narelda Jacobs.

Network 10 presenter Narelda Jacobs is taking time out with some long awaited long service leave from the network.

“I’ve been working towards this moment of having some long service leave. I’ve been at the network for 23 years, taking days off here and there. I’m going to take a huge chunk,” she said this morning.

“I’m not disappearing. I’m going to be popping up every now and then, coming back next Wednesday for our 10th anniversary show.

“But yeah, having a bit of a break. So I’ll be back on Studio 10 and Midday (news) next year.”

Jacobs also hosts her season final of NITV series The Point tonight.

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  1. I just find it is a bit sad that going on long service leave is something that makes a story. But also realise to publicise this may stop rumours starting about Narelda’s on going employment.

    1. When Sam Pang took a few weeks out after Logies and ongoing HYBPA? / Front Bar there were all sorts of speculative stories in press. Same happened when Michael Rowland said he was taking a few weeks off. So it’s important to clarify. 2023 has been busy for Narelda.

  2. Taking days off “here and there” over 23 years! Jeez I get emails from HR demanding I take leave if it gets close to 6 weeks accumulated.

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