The Block, Old People’s Home for Teenagers lead Tuesday slots.

Nine leads in primary share but Seven multichannels push the network to a Tuesday win.

Nine may have had a win in primary channels last night but the strength of Seven’s multichannels pushed it over the line for a Tuesday win.

The Block led entertainment and the demos at 657,000 metro viewers.

Next were SAS Australia (458,000), 7:30 (436,000), Take 5 with Zan Rowe (321,000), Shark Tank (227,000) and Who Do You Think You Are? (153,000).

Later Old People’s Home for Teenagers led at 309,000 then The Cheap Seats (291,000), Space Invaders (231,000) and HMP: Behind Bars (156,000).

Nine led in primary share but Seven network won Tuesday at 30.1% then Nine 28.8%, ABC 17.7%, 10 15.2% and SBS 8.2%.

Seven News was #1 at 846,000 / 831,000. The Chase drew 454,000 / 299,000. Home & Away was 466,000.

Nine News (737,000 / 717,000) was best for Nine. A Current Affair led with 648,000 then Hot Seat 343,000 / 216,000. Love Triangle settled on just 73,000.

ABC News pulled 564,000. The Drum (138,000) and Australia After War (129,000) followed.

The Project was 222,000 / 144,000. 10 News First managed 188,000 / 111,000. NCIS was 127,000.

On SBS it was SBS World News (129,000 / 96,000), Dateline (72,000), Insight (63,000) and Mastermind (62,000).

ABC Kids Interstellar Ella led multichannels at 97,000.

Sunrise: 203,000
Today: 192,000
News Breakfast: 90,000 / 50,000

In Total TV numbers last Tuesday were:

The Block: 1.21m
Old People’s Home for Teenagers:  631,000
MKR: 1.15m
Home & Away: 979,000
Shark Tank: 418,000
Kitchen Cabinet: 602,000
The Cheap Seats: 452,000

OzTAM Overnights: Tuesday 10 October 2023

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  1. Today and Sunrise are close. Today must be winning in the East Coast.
    I had no where to go on FTA from 7:30 pm onwards so I went over to Foxtel, they had heaps on offer.

  2. I’m not a big fan on promos where they tell you things like 3 people will leave (SAS) because I’d prefer it played out organically. However, the two that voluntarily withdrew were of no surprise. I was rooting for Cassie but not to be. Also Boyd seemed like a top bloke so sorry to see him be medically withdrawn.

  3. I really enjoyed this season of Kitchen Cabinet such insightful interviews with some sugar and spice. I feel that I have learnt more about these amazing humans that I hadn’t heard much about before. Thanks Annabel and ABC.

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