2023 ratings finish line nears

Nine won the week, but Seven, 10 and ABC fared better in entertainment offerings.

There are just two more weeks of the 2023 ratings Survey.

Last week was a winner for Nine, despite a lacklustre entertainment schedule (a Bee Gees doco their best at just 387,000 metro, trailing Seven, 10 and ABC entertainment). But it was News, Current Affairs and ICC Men’s ODI World Cup that delivered a win.

Seven’s 1% Club was best in entertainment at 643,000 while Dessert Masters topped the week for 10.

Nine: 29.5
Seven: 27.2
ABC: 18.1
10: 16.1
SBS: 9.2

Primary channel:
Nine: 20.3
Seven: 17.8
ABC: 13.0
10: 9.5
SBS: 4.7

9GEM: 3.8
7TWO: 3.5
7mate: 3.0
10 BOLD: 2.9
10 Peach: 2.8
ABC Kids TV Plus: 2.7
ABC News: 2.0
9GO! / 9Life: 1.9
7flix: 1.7
9RUSH: 1.6
SBS VICELAND / SBS World Movies: 1.4
7Bravo / SBS FOOD: 1.3
Nickelodeon: 0.9
ABC ME / NITV: 0.4
SBS World Watch: 0.0

Nine won the 16 – 39 and 25 – 54 demos.

Best brands last week were:

Nine: Nine News (Sun: 721,000), ICC Men’s ODI World Cup (SF2: 598,000), A Current Affair (570,000) and 60 Minutes (504,000).

Seven: Seven News (Sun: 872,000), The 1% Club (643,000), The Chase (456,000) and Home & Away (432,000).

ABC: ABC News (Sun: 552,000), Australian Story (501,000), Joanna Lumley’s Spice Trail Adventure (443,000) and Annika (437,000).

10: Dessert Masters (Launch / Mon: 477,000 tie), The Cheap Seats (352,000), The Project (7pm: 223,000) and 10 News First (Sun: 181,000).

SBS: The Lost City of Melbourne (199,000), The Secrets of Coca Cola (163,000), JFK: The Making of a President (133,000) and Britain’s Most Luxurious Train Journeys (144,000).

Seven led on Monday, Tuesday, Friday & Saturday. Nine won Sunday, Wednesday & Thursday. ABC bettered 10 every night except Tuesday.

2023 survey ends on December 2nd.

Infogram supplied by Nine:

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  1. Is there an update on year to date results? Are Seven and Nine neck and neck or does it depend on who you ask? The graph in the story suggests if averaged out , Nine would be in front in total viewers.

    1. As I have looked at the YTD results, I noticed that there’s a 0.9% difference between 7 and 9. Ashes and SOO gave Nine a boost to mid-year. However, Seven fought back thanks to FIFA WWC and AFL Finals. After the AFL Season ended, Nine rebounded thanks to the Block and CWC.
      If Seven wants to claim the year, then they will have to win at least 10 more nights (which is a chance).

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