Axed: Wellmania

"This industry is kind of bullshit," says Celeste Barber after Netflix delivers the bad news.

Celeste Barber comedy Wellmania has been axed after just one season.

Barber took to social media to tell fans, “I understand, in the grand scheme of things, with what is going on in the world at the moment, who f***ing cares? But a lot of you do care. A lot of you are still asking me what’s happening?

“We found out yesterday it’s not going to be renewed. Netflix said it’s something about numbers … sure. I thought it smashed it, but I don’t understand how it works.”

She added, “This industry is kind of bullshit.”

Regretting she would not get to relive her character of Liv again she suggested fans, “…watch Friends. Maybe not on Netflix though. Maybe pull out an old DVD?”

A source close to Netflix confirmed Wellmania would not return for a second season, and that when it comes to renewal or cancellation decisions, it always looks at viewing versus cost.

TV Tonight understands a second season had been in development but the sudden end came as a shock to producers Fremantle.

The series was created by Brigid Delaney & Benjamin Law and premiered in March with an 89% Rotten Tomatoes approval.

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  1. Data rules in this streaming economy. Netflix would know exactly how many sampled the first episode but didn’t continue, and it obviously didn’t meet their target. No use complaining about data – it’s not subjective.
    Personally I was one of those who watched the first episode but didn’t continue as I didn’t find it appealing.

  2. Sorry hated the show. I couldn’t even get past the first episode. I found the lead character so unlikeable. With such a public reaction I would wonder what other companies would want to work with them after this outburst.

  3. This is quite a shock – and a big disappointment.

    It was within the top ten in multiple countries, so would be interesting to know what these numbers are Netflix speak of

    Hopefully gets picked up by another service – quite frankly, this would be a good get for channel ten!

  4. What a shame. I really enjoyed this show and I too thought it did good numbers for Netflix. Too much content (often rubbish) drowns out the good ones.

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